Three Good Reasons Why You Should Play The Lottery

If you live in a state or a country that does not have a lottery, this may sound like a silly subject. But maybe not. Growing up, we didn’t live in a place where there was a lottery and I can vividly remember my parents talking about it and the impact it had on my life. Like when I was 16 and asked my dad if he could buy me a new car for my birthday and he said, “Sure, as soon as I win the lottery.”  I know some people take things too far, but there are some good reasons why people should play the lottery. I am not talking about how the profits can help fund public schools or pay for new sports arenas. Those are good things that people sitting in the offices downtown are working on. I am talking about good reasons for the people who are standing on line two blocks from the Stop-N-Shop to get in on the action. 

Playing the lottery closes the distance between social classes

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There are few places in our “modern” society where people are treated equally. When you get on an airplane, first-class passengers are seated comfortably in the front of the plane well before business class or coach passengers are seated. The upper class are seated at the best tables and are giving the most professional treatment in restaurants, clubs, and shops. But, not when it comes to the lottery. 

Just drive by a line of people waiting to buy a ticket when the prize has rolled over to the billions. You will see young mothers standing next to little grandmothers, a businessman in a three-piece suit may be standing in front of a construction worker and he may be in front of a homeless man that you gave $5.00 too on your way to work yesterday. There is no social status when it comes to a big payday. 

Because even the janitor will quit

You really do not want to play the lottery. But, it has hit that number that has set off the lotto lady in the office. She is buzzing around telling everyone in the office that we all have to pitch in and play for a big payout. She has motivated some people and soon the break room looks like the line at the ATM with folks holding money. You don’t want to give it up, but then you think. If you are the only one who didn’t go in and they hit the prize, you are going to be such a sad loser. But worse than that, when the whole office quits their jobs and heads to the beach, including the janitor and the cleaning lady, you are going to be sitting in your dusty cubicle all alone. So, in the name of brotherhood, you turn loose of your money. On your way back to your desk you look at the janitor and think, “I hope you know what you are doing!”

It keeps hope alive

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When we are young, faith and hope live in us abundantly. We believe that there is magic in the stars that people are good, and that hard work is all it takes to succeed. As we grow up, we realize that the universe does not revolve around us. We have to provide for ourselves and sometimes, that gets difficult. We grow to understand that no one is waiting at our door with a basket of fruit and a pocket full of gold and hope begins to fade. Then, we start to think about the lottery. Yes, the chances are slim that we will win. But, somebody will win. Maybe it is not us, but it is someone. Just knowing that someone who was desperate yesterday is now comfortable today gives us a little hope. Fantasizing that it could be us, gives us a little more.

Which lottery should you play?

It can be confusing selecting a lottery to play, so Lottoland answers which are the best lottery to play by letting you choose any lottery from anywhere! Lottoland is an offshore casino company and they have more than 38 lotteries to select from. You select the lotto tickets from wherever you like and purchase your ticket online. The experience is just like the lotto in the stores only with no crowd. You are betting on the result of the lottery, so when the lottery hits, you win! This includes lotteries from other countries and other states. There is nothing stopping you from betting on one or betting on many. It is all up to you. Who knows, you could be the next millionaire. 


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