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Tips for choosing wooden flooring

As you will have seen on the blog we have undertaken two quite mega renovation projects.  Over the last number of months and really years at this stage I have been sharing some insights and tips that I have gleaned along the way.  There was many and I mean very many stressful moments during the projects but I have to say I have learned so much and im more than happy to share this knowledge.

One decision which I spent quite a lot of time contemplating was the flooring.  It’s something that is not only aesthetic and part of the design but a key functional part too and if it’s like my house will get quite a lot of traffic! In the end we mostly went with real wood flooring  however below I set out some of the key considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing your wooden flooring. I am not expert in this area just somebody who has been through this process a few times recently.

  • Choose your type of wooden floor. I will admit I began this process pretty clueless not quite understanding the variety of options available.  First main decision really is are you going to go for solid or engineered flooring.  Personally I looked the look and feel of the solid wood flooring and we have large ceiling heights and were installing new doors and surrounds so any marginal increase in the floor height which can arise with solid flooring wasn’t so much a consideration.

    siting room

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Choose your colour and finish. This can be a very tough decision and I think it can be harder to decide in a bright airy showroom. In my view you need to if possible purchase some samples and see how it works in your space and lighting. I originally thought I wanted walnut but seeing the sample in our own house it just didn’t have the same appeal. I also looked the more natural finish but I did think the lacquered finished looked really well too.
  • Choosing the plank width. This was really not something I had even factored into my decision making before beginning my research. In the main the size would appear to be standard there are options for narrower and wider planks and in the end due to the large size of the sitting room we went for the larger width. I felt it give a kind of luxurious feel to the room. I can really see the appeal of the narrowing planks for example if you were doing a small space.  
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