Unique ideas for styling your home office

With so many people now working from home, the home office has become more of a necessity than it ever has been. Whether you have a dedicated room for your office or you have made yourself a corner or space under the stairs to get your work done, it’s essential to have it organised and a place where you feel comfortable and motivated to work. 

If your home office was looking amazing, then it might be just that little bit easier to roll out of bed and get straight to work, so all you need is some unique ideas for styling your home office.

Stools for storage

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Remember, this is your office, no one else’s, so you don’t have to stick to any traditions or rules; if you find you can work better with the TV on or sitting on a beanbag, then who’s to tell you not to? So, with that in mind, if you want to store your files and documents in a stool, then go for it.

Who says your home office needs shelves and drawers? There are some great Ottomans you can get for home office storage, which not only make an excellent space for keeping papers, but they also look stylish and provide somewhere for you or other people to sit. 

Go wild with your walls

You might imagine an office has to look professional, plain, and even clinical, but it doesn’t, and it’s your office, so you can do what you want and make it your own.

Whether it’s painting the walls, your favourite colour, adding pieces of art to create a gallery on the wall, it’s up to you. If you want to make it more personal, then add photos of your loved ones and look for picture frames that can be styled to fit the size and shape of your home office. Take a look at picframes.co.uk for further inspiration!

A desk doesn’t need to be a desk

When looking for a desk, remember that you don’t need to go over to the ‘desk department’ to find what you’re looking for. 

There are plenty of things you can use for a desk and if all you need is to rest your laptop on a surface, then choose a stylish dresser that you love or if you don’t want to be sat down all day, then choose a stand-up desk. You have the freedom to do what you want and build a place that really suits your needs and desires.

Think outside ‘the home’

Does your home office actually need to be inside your house? If you have a garden shed or a big enough garden to build one, why not create a home office space outside? 

If working from home is going to be something that you will do inevitably now, then it’s worth looking into creating a more permanent space for yourself with a short commute down the garden every day. 

The best thing is, if you can design this office from scratch, then you can choose where you put your power points, your windows, decide how large or small it will be, and make it properly insulated so that it’s as comfortable as being in your home. 


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