Some useful tips including ebook – living and sleeping with arthritis

I was asked recently to contribute to an ebook in collaboration with Adjustable Beds.   I had previously written a review of a product which my mother and my husband had reviewed with regard to their own arthritis symptoms (see here) . Arthritis is a condition they both suffer with to varying degrees therefore I am acutely aware of the challenges both day to day and in particular sleeping that this condition can create.

I was delighted to be able to use the experience of my mother and husband in the hope that it would help somebody else in that position. Below is the quote I submitted having spoken to my family re their top tip.

“A warm shower and some gentle exercise first thing helps loosen the joints and move more freely during the day


Link to  arthritis-ebook

Hopefully this tips featured in the book will be of some help.


Take care

~Mamma F


Note: This is a collaberative post

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