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Warning! Think Twice Before Using Your Loft As Storage Space

Let’s be real for a second, we’re all partial hoarders. Some of us may claim we aren’t, but the amount of junk we keep in our homes says otherwise. Okay, “junk” is a harsh word – many of the things you hold onto are sentimental or could be valuable at some point. You pack them away in boxes (like your child’s old baby clothes) and store them somewhere out of harm’s way; a place you don’t have to think about, so your home doesn’t become too cluttered. 

Nine times out of ten, that place will be the loft. You’ve got so much stuff up there from generations of family life, but it’s okay because it’s out of the way and nobody sees it. With that being said, what if you were told to think twice before using your loft as storage space? It turns out this part of your home might not be the perfect place to keep your belongings – and you’ll soon see why. 

Extreme heat can damage your items

Have you ever entered your loft in the height of summer? Even when it’s 20 or so degrees outside, your loft feels the heat inside. This is because most homes are designed with basic loft insulation to trap heat in. When the sun beats down on your roof, it keeps as much of the heat in as possible, heating your loft to maybe even 30 degrees or more. 

This is awful for everything inside – extreme heat can damage electrical items or cause valuable things to degrade. It’s even worse if you have uncovered windows on your roof; the sun fades any items and can ruin them forever. Solve this by making your loft more thermally efficient. Use roof insulation batts that reflect solar heat in the summer, maintaining a cool temperature in the room. Cover the windows with shades too, so sun damage doesn’t occur either. 

Tiny leaks in the roof may lead to water damage

a full loft storage area

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More damage can happen during wet weather – and this is a direct result of roof breaches. The smallest crack or gap can lead to water leaks that cause serious water damage to all the items stored in your loft.

Water damage is arguably the worst form of damage possible. It will utterly ruin storage boxes and their contents before turning into mould. This causes an even bigger issue in your loft, so you must carry out roof inspections to prevent leaks from appearing. Well, you won’t carry out any inspections; get the professionals to do it for you. Identify and plug any problems to keep the loft dry. 

Lofts are the perfect place for pests to wreak havoc

Speaking of breaches, there could be some in the walls or around the gutters, making it easy for pests to get into your attic. Rodents or birds are the most common concerns and they’ll make nests inside. This leads to your belongings being covered by pest poop and pee, as well as possibly being eaten or torn to pieces. 

Roof inspections will help identify any breaches again, or you can call pest control services to survey your loft and provide preventative measures to keep pests away. As a result, your loft – and its contents – will be safe from harm’s way. 

Think twice before using your loft as storage space because it might not be equipped to do so. Keep your items in the loft if you’re 100% sure they won’t be damaged in any way by the elements or pests! 

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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