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The Mamma Fairy house has been gripped by wedding fever lately. We have just hit 7 years married, my wonderful parents 40 years married and the Dada Fairy’s grandparents the remarkable achievement of 60 years married.  With my own brother about to tie the know himself, naturally the conversation has been drifting to the differences in weddings over the years form the ceremonial differences to the cost differences. Even in the 7 years since we have been married I can see a lot of differences in perceptions of weddings, certainly amongst my own friends its a lot more realistic with smaller numbers and less about the pomp and extras.

My mum and my husbands grandparents rented their wedding and bridesmaid dresses, they borrowed cars. Certainly lavish honeymoons weren’t the done thing. Its funny we got married in the height of boom time so in hindsight there was certainly some unnecessary spending on extras.

I don’t regret it one bit the day was so special. With the benefit of hindsight I have been telling my brother not to stress about the small details.

Purely for some shock value I sent him an info-graphic produced by Chill Money which looked at the cost of some of the most well know fairy tale weddings!

  • In the style of Pearse Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith I did let him know that I expected to be transported to (incidentally the same venue) in one of a fleet of 15 helicopters and round off the night watching a €34 k fire works display!
  • He knows the brides dress is bought and thats about all, im sure he almost fainted when he saw the cost of Kate Middletons stunning gown coming in at a whopping €360k.
  • He is also under no illusion ill be expecting the Kim K “glam squad” to turn me out for the day at a cool €320 per person!!! For my me ill be turning to high street wedding dresses for good value and style.
  • We saved hard to fund our honeymoon which cost more than the wedding itself, we toured Australia, Singapore and Thailand and of anything spent on our wedding I don’t regret one penny  of that. I love travel and will probably always will. They have decided to wait until the summer for their honeymoon and do some nights in nice properties around Ireland immediately afterwards. I gently pointed out somewhere like Ballyfin costing €25k a night needless to say he doesn’t agree!!!

I think they key message he is do what makes you, as in the couple happy when spending on your wedding, it is after all your day. My husbands grandparents who have just turned 60 years married who wed in a borrowed dress are no less “married” than Kim K or Kate Middleton in the eye wateringly expensive gowns.

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Pic Credit: Chill Money


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