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What Is The Safest Flooring Option For Your Home?

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When choosing your flooring, there’s often a factor that gets overlooked – safety. If your house is full of adults, it makes sense that you’d skip this factor or not pay it much attention. After all, you’d like to think that a house full of adults won’t run into any problems!

However, if you have young kids, the flooring suddenly becomes a risk. As such, you have to take the safety of your flooring into account. You need something that doesn’t present slip risks, isn’t going to cause too much pain if fallen on, yet still looks nice. It’s quite the conundrum, but these are probably the safest flooring options you have:

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl has a fancy name, and it can certainly look just as fancy too. This flooring type almost mimics other styles but is made from a unique vinyl material. You can get flooring that replicates floorboards without any wood or looks like tiles without the stone/porcelain. 

Consequently, it becomes one of the safest options for a family with young kids. It’s a hard flooring style, but not too hard. If someone fell over on it they would not be in as much pain compared to falling on wood or tiles. It also happens to be slip-resistant, so this minimizes the chances of any accidents!


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Resin flooring can be extremely safe for your home. It’s available in a lot of colors, and the main lure is how slip-resistant it is. This is the type of flooring that’s used in a lot of factories and industrial settings. As a result, it’s usually made by a specialist resin flooring company to ensure the surface is very grippy. The only downside is that it is quite hard, so maybe throw down a rug or two in play areas.

Also, it can be hard to get your hands on resin flooring for your home – but not impossible. 



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For me, this is by far and away the safest flooring option if you have kids at home. It’s almost impossible to slip and fall over on some carpeted flooring. Even if you do, there’s a soft cushiony floor to ease your fall. Carpet burns may be a problem, but your kids have less chance of injuring themselves on carpet than any other flooring option. 

The only drawback is that most other flooring options are a lot better looking and more modern! Still, you can find some lovely contemporary carpet ideas that could look great in your home. Carpet is also the easiest to install and get rid of. So, when your kids grow up, it should be easy to remove the carpet and switch to a more stylish option – if you want to. 

These three options are your safest flooring choices for the home. If safety is the absolute only thing you care about, choose carpet. If you want a blend of style and safety, the other two come into play. Ultimately, the choice is yours, just be careful when choosing flooring for a home with young children in. 

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