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What To Think About When Buying A Baby Present Online

Buying anything online can carry an element of risk. Will it arrive on time? What is the quality like in real-life? Does the image match what you will see in the box when it arrives?

If you are looking for a quality online retailer, you can find some of the most wonderful baby gifts on sale from Baby Gift Box. You’ll discover a huge range of nappy cakes, baby hampers, baskets and other precious gifts for a little one’s arrival into the world.

When it comes to buying baby gifts online though, are there certain things you can look out for to make things easier? This article will uncover some top things to consider before you make that purchase and make things official.


What To Think About Before Buying A Baby Gift…

  • If you are buying tableware… consider the materials.

Baby tableware has become extremely popular and there are many options when you want to make an online purchase. You must pay attention to the size of the tableware that you want to purchase, but most importantly pay attention to the materials by which they are made. Avoid toxic materials, chemicals that can harm your child especially when hot food is added. You can opt for tableware made with organic materials such as wood, eco-friendly plastics, etc. A bamboo dinner set for kids can be an option, as it is made from organic materials. After choosing the materials you can then go for appearance and come up with a very cute set.

  • If you are buying clothes… be extra careful

It’s easy to get swept away by the cute images. However, it’s equally as important if not more so to consider vital aspects such as the level of comfort. Therefore, it’s essential to look at the description to read what materials the clothing is made with and if they are suitable for sensitive skin.  You’ll also want to take extra care when choosing the size.   Babies grow super-fast so if you are buying for a new-born it’s good to buy 2 years ahead in general.

  • Always read the detail

Images can only do so much talking. 

When it comes to the necessary gear for a baby like car seats or strollers it really is crucial to read the finer print to discover what makes the product so special and how it is made for babies, including critically that it meets all the relevant safety standards.  By doing your own in-depth research it should answer most of your questions but just in case it doesn’t, this leads us to the next point. 

  • Consider the customer service

It’s good to consider how good the customer service is in case you need to return anything or enquire about a product. The brand’s contact details should be clearly stated on their website and staff should be helpful when prompted.

  • Consider reviews

Online is great for generally finding unbiased feedback on the product you are about to buy. You will thank us later for this one! Reviews are an important way of telling if the product is right for the baby’s needs. It’s also a clear sign of just how genuine the product matches the description and general expectations.

  • Keep an eye on delivery times

Some websites over promise and under deliver. If you have a baby shower you are aiming for, it’s important you look for delivery times before checking out. This will save you a huge amount of worry and hassle down the line. It’s also good to consider whether you want to save the risk and go for first class depending how near the shower date is.

These are some good general tips and things to bear in mind when buying baby gifts online. The options are pretty much endless but the internet can come with its own set of drawbacks. Knowing the above, however, will help you in the purchase process and help you buy something the parents & new born will love.

Note: This is a collaborative post
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  • Reply Mimi from Mimitoys February 13, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Great Post on the care one should take when buying pressies on-line. Another one I’d add (though likely fairly obvious) is if buying from a non EU website – note that could be
    The pressie will be stopped at customs if Revenue think its value is more than e22. So if less than e22 make sure an invoice / receipt for that value goes in the delivery.
    If over e22 and website is outside the EU- its a whole heap of hassle. Receiver must pay Revenue before its released by them for final delivery. So address would need to include a phone number contact. Check out Revenue page here

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