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#WhatHomeIsToMe – some thoughts

I’ve been charting my renovation projects on the blog for some time, we are almost there. Its been a tough and at times incredibly stressful project but I know at the end ill have a house exactly as I want (within financial constraints of course!).  This post is was inspired by an ebook produced by Chill Home Insurance which looks at weird and wonderful home around the world.  It prompted me to think a little bit more about what home really is to me personally.  While in a material sense our newly renovated home will have all we want subject to financial constraints but is it a home?

Thinking deeper I think without the Dada Fairy and the boys im not sure the physical house could ever be a home to me.  In reality we could probably set up “home” anywhere and making our current house a home involved the combination of the physical characteristics we selected ourselves and the people we choose to share it with.  Very deep for a Sunday morning!!

grass houses in Iceland

Pic Credit: Pixabay

We are off to Iceland next weekend and one of the things that stood out to me when booking our accommodation was that huge variety of different types there were. Glass domes to hopefully view the Aurora or the grass covered or turf houses as they are known. They interestingly evolved in attempt to circumvent  the harsh climate conditions.

Chill Insurance have included many other example including closer to home in Co Louth is Dummond Tower.  Which incidentally I have just learned can be booked via Air BnB at certain times of the year. The listing gives a sneak peak into the interior of the Tower which has been restored preserving so much of the integrity of the building. The tower is accessed internally via a cut stone winding stair case. Its breath taking. It dates back to 1858 and I think there really is something special about how well this property was clearly loving restored.  I have just dropped some not so subtle hints for my Christmas present. I have always had a fascination with old properties thinking back to what might have went on there in a different time. To see how the features of the house have been preserved and stand the test of time. This is definitely a property to add to my bucket list.

Some other notable mentions in the ebook and much further field include, an 85 square meter almost transparent house in Tokyo! I have done lots of googling but apparently its location is a somewhat closely guarded secret! Or at the far end end of the design spectrum is a Flintstones inspired house in Malibu! Trust me google this you will not be disappointed!

Its no surprise that when asked the question over 60% of people said it was family that make the home. Its certainly my view too. Id love to here what the true meaning of home is to you….let me know in the comments below.

survey results on the meaning of home

The True Meaning of Home (Credit: Chill Insurance)


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