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The “Off the beaten track” bucket list


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I met my now husband when we were (very) young teenagers and at that time we spoke about our bucket list travel destinations.  I’m thankful he loves to travel as much as me and we have been able to tick many items off that bucket list including recently Niagara Falls and as part of our honeymoon a show at the Sydney Opera House.  Next weekend we will hopefully tick another item off that list being a trip to Iceland. The icing on the cake would be to view the Northern Lights. I’m not getting my hopes up but it would be a dream come true.

This got me thinking, while many of us travel obsessives share common bucket list items like Niagara Falls or seeing the Northern Lights, what other less traditional, more obscure or “off the beaten track” bucket list items do other people have.  I decided to reach out to my fellow bloggers and see if they had any usual or obscure bucket list items.

Obscure bucket list items

First up Kate from Hitchens’ Kitchen volunteered in Africa. Herself and her dad fund raised and taught science in Ghana.  I have the utmost admiration for people who so selflessly give them time like this to others.

Next up Emma from Emma Reed wanted to get married on a beach location not expecting it to be a reality however she ended up making her dream a reality which is really lovely and not doubt incredibly memorable.

I love Terri from The Strawberry Fountain idea of 30 before 30, loving some of the items on her list she accomplished from driving an Aston Martin (mega jealous) to surving the longest zipline in the UK. Sorry Terri I just couldn’t do it. I love this idea (not the zipline!) while im a little bit post the 30 before 30 maybe I could start a 40 before 40?! Now there is an idea…..

For anybody like me who wiles away hours day dreaming about far flung destination click here for some inspiration. I’m super excited about Iceland this weekend and ill be sure to report back on whether or not I ticked the Northern Lights off my bucket list…..keep everything crossed for me…..


Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control.


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