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Why Build A First Floor Terrace For Your Home?

A terrace is a great place to sit, enjoy tea or coffee, read a book, have dinner or just enjoy the view if you have one. However, most homes do not have terraces because this is a feature that takes up space and can only be used as often as the patio may. It’s usually also found only on large homes, where they have room to spare, they want an entertainment space and perhaps, where they want to lounge in the sun. So why would a person who owns a normal house want a terrace? Well, you’re about to find out that it’s not that hard to create, it can be a perfect space that can be converted into different types of living space.


What you need

First, you need to decide what kind of terrace style you want. This will tell you what you need. For a classic terrace, you’ll need hardwood flooring that is able to withstand rain, wind and snow. So a tough oak would be great. For a traditional terrace, you’ll want stone, something like granite, quartz or perhaps even marble. For a modern terrace, you will want tiling, it’s easy to fit, fix and style. You will also need seating, tables, a place to hang out such as a pergola and some hammocks to make it into a second patio. You should also consider safety and edge protection while the terrace is being built so you can prevent your children or dog from careening over the edge. The edge protection can be linked together, making a wall that you can move to your liking. 

What will it be for? 

So far we have talked about what the style of the terrace might be, but what will the functionality be like? Surely, you want the terrace to be useful not just for style? So consider having patio furniture, a fire pit and maybe different types of seating so you can have a chill place to sit and talk. Will you have a coffee table or a dining table? Will the place be for hosting dinner parties or will you have it just for an entertainment space with air hockey and table tennis? 

When will you use it?

Apart from the obvious question of how you will use it, when you will use it is next. So, if you have a hardwood floor, chances are you can use your terrace most of the year, aside from when it is raining. You don’t want to put too much pressure on the wet wood. Stone and tiles are usually fine, but they can be slippery. An area rug would be fantastic for a terrace, so you can at least walk on your terrace rain or shine. You can make your terrace winterproof using sheets and fire lamps or pits but for the rain, you can’t do much.

Why not build a terrace for your home if it suits your lifestyle, gives you more space to relax and you can afford it?

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