Winter Safety on Two Wheels

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As a very strange and unusual summer draws to a close we began to consider the challenges of winter so there is  never a better time to highlight the importance of being aware of the changing road conditions in the winter weather. As a family we love getting out and about.  The Dada Fairy and the oldest man love their Saturday morning cycle.  Great way for the pair of them to spend time together as well as getting out and about in the fresh air.

However as the seasons change so to do the road conditions and it is especially important to be mindful of the appropriate safety precautions for the road conditions and that is whether you are on a motorbike or a pedal bike.

Some of the things we do differently in winter include:

  • Dressing for the weather – layer up being the best advice
  • Critically be visible, that’s having lights fitted on your bike. Wearing a hi-viz at all times.
  • Take good care of your bike making sure you check prior to each ride to ensure its road worthiness
  • Tell somebody your plans – just in case
  • Start easy – if you aren’t used to cycling I would start with smaller trips and build up the stamina. Trust me its not as easy as it looks!!!

As I have mentioned before, we farm very mountainous ground so in order to get around, my husband uses a hill motorbike. Ill be honest, at the beginning this terrified me but I know now safety for him is paramount. Some additional tips for motorcyclists include:

  • Check your tyres prior to ever journey
  • Visibility may be lower- signal earlier

    motorbike in snow

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Reduce your speed – road conditions can be much more hazardous in winter.
  • Check the weather before you set off – being mindful of wind, frost, fog etc.
  • Be flexible. If weather isn’t looking in your favour don’t just chance it. Use resources such as AccuWeather

For much more helpful tips and advice on winter safety for motorcyclists please see   confused.com. However one thing I have learned over the years is despite taking every precaution you can, accidents can happen as unfortunately the behaviour of other road users is totally out of our hands. If you do find yourself in this unfortunate position do utilise the services of  good motorcycle accident lawyers.

In addition to the above, also very important to be aware when out and about walking with kids to use reflective clothing in the evening times, with it being dark so early now, its never been more important to highlight the importance of being seen.  Our local DIY shops sells reflective tape which I use on the buggy also. Its something I highlight to the kids in the hope that I instil its importance creating life long good habits.

Hope this post helps reinforce the importance of road safety particularly for the most vulnerable road users this Winter.

Take care when out and about this Winter – be safe, be seen and lets help save lives.

Note: This is a collaborative post
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