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10 Top Tips to Help Your Child Perform Well in School

There are many ways in which parents can help their children to make the most of their education and perform well at school. A great place to start is by taking an interest in your child’s school life. The more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively he or she will perform at school.

To help your child to make the most out of their education, here are a few great tips from Manor Lodge School

  1. Always show encouragement towards school and learning and show appreciation for your child’s achievements to help boost their confidence. 
  2. Help to develop a love of learning, by demonstrating that learning can happen anywhere, not just in the classroom. This can be achieved by simply observing the wildlife in your own garden.

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  3. Explain the importance of learning and talk together as a family about what you have learnt every day. This will motivate your child to listen in class.
  4. Create a calendar for your child to help them to prepare for exams and homework. This will also help to develop your child’s organisation and time management skills.
  5. Try not to set your expectations too high and instead allow your child to develop at their own pace. By putting too much pressure on children you can negatively affect their academic performance and cause stress.
  6. When helping with homework, try to give your child helpful feedback instead of criticism. This means helping your child to think about different ways of solving questions.
  7. Get to know your child’s teachers and try to be a part of the school community. This will show your child how much you care about their education. 
  8. Encourage your child to ask questions and teach you about interesting things they have learnt. Get them to role play being the teacher. Repeating what the teacher has explained in class will help to store this information in their memory.
  9. Support your child’s literacy skills by regularly reading with them. This could be reading a story at bedtime or asking your child to read a recipe while you cook together.
  10. Learn together in your free time by visiting interesting places like museums, or by using educational online resources. 
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