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How to Tell If Your Child is Happy at School

Every parent hopes that their child will enjoy school and happily run into class when the bell goes. However, in reality school can be a very challenging environment for children and some may find it harder than others to settle.

To help you to assess your child’s happiness at school, it is important to regularly ask your child about their school life and carefully observe their behaviour. Here are some great tips from Mill Hill School on what to look out for…


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In the morning, is your child happy to get ready for school and do they leave the house without a fuss? School mornings are always a rush and are often a stressful time for parents, however, unless your child seems worried or upset about going to school, you shouldn’t feel concerned.  If your child does appear reluctant to go to school or regularly complains of feeling unwell, then this behaviour should be closely monitored, as it could be a sign of a problem at school.

Home time

At home time is your child keen to talk about their day? Do they want to share interesting facts that they have learnt in the classroom? Or tell you about what they have planned for tomorrow?
This is a good sign and shows that your child is interested and actively involved in their lessons.   If your child seems unusually quiet and reluctant to talk about school then there could be an issue that needs your attention.


When your child comes home with homework are they keen to get it done? Do they want to show off their skills? If your child is happy to receive homework and keen to do it independently, then this is a really good sign that your child is happy at school and enjoying their current topics.  Should you notice your child avoiding homework or missing deadlines, then it is time to intervene. Your child may simply find the current work difficult and require extra support.


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