20 Healthy Recipes You Can Make in Your Dorm

Living in a college dorm you have limited options of what to eat. You have to use either mess or cafeteria. Here are some delicious, nutritious and healthy recipes you can cook yourself instead of ramen when you don’t want to eat from mess or café. 

All these recipes by mypaperdone.com are easy to cook and require only microwave, a kitchen knife, and a cutting board. 

1. Cookie in the Mug: 

Ingredients that contain whole food just like banana, peanut butter, and oat make this delicious one serving breakfast recipe. Try it out and you will thank us later. 

2. Microwave Scrambled Eggs: 

Crack and scramble an egg and microwave it rather than cook eggs in the bag. It is mostly done for the white part of the eggs but you should go for the whole egg. 

3. Blueberry-maple Overnight Oats: 

Wanna make morning meals that you just don’t have to prepare every morning then blueberry-maple overnight oats is the best option. It is healthy and you can make a jar of it and eat as much as you want every morning. 

4. Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Parfaits: 

Granola and protein-rich yogurt is a popular combo, but berry parfaits make is special for your morning. It is quite healthy and easy to make. 

5. French Toast: 

Another quick and delicious option for breakfast is French toast in a cup with the touch of cinnamon. The alluring aroma of it will leave your roomies craving for a bite. 

6. Mac and Cheese in Mug: 

Favorite food of most American students. It is not only easy to make but also delicious and healthy. 

7. Burrito Bowl: 

Canned black beans and cooked brown rice (frozen or in pouch) and a bit of Greek yogurt are the ingredients of the burrito bowl recipe. You can make it in only five minutes. 

8. Quesadillas: 

Salsa, cheese, and tortillas are the ingredients of Quesadillas which every student, living in a college dorm, should try. 

9. Cannon Salmon Salad: 

Having a canned salmon in your dorm room is not a bad idea at all. It will help you to get a healthy salad ready for yourself in a few minutes only. 

10. Riceless Risotto: 

It is a perfect substitute for risotto recipe that takes too much time to cook, with the same chewy texture. For more luscious taste add cheese to it as well. 

11. Greek Salad in Jar: 

Having very little time to prepare for anything in between interval of class, pick this easily available and portable option from supermarket. You can customize the ingredients yourself. 

12. Ramen Hacks: 

Having a few packs of ramen for an emergency is not bad at all. It is one of the best options for college foods. 

13. Microwave Popcorn: 

Popcorn, a bit salty and with a touch of butter, cooked in the microwave is a very light and healthy option as snacks. 

14. Rosemary Popcorn and Olive Oil: 

Another popcorn recipe is to use olive oil with sea salt and a blend of rosemary. This is one healthy and nutritious option. 

15. Microwave Potato Chips: 

Get one potato, cut it in on cutting board, and microwave it. You will have some snacks ready within five minutes to get through a few hours. 

16. No-Bake Nutella Energy Bites: 

Mix Nutella with agave, flax, oats, and coconut and get it rolled in balls. Carry with you as a portable energy option. 

17. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars (No-Bake): 

Another option for a sweet treat in your dorm room is peanut butter choco bars. You can add ingredients of your choice in it. 

18. Microwave Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie: 

Best option to warm yourself while sitting in your dorm room in winters. Easy to make and delicious to eat. 

19. Bowl of Creamy Berry, Chocolate and Coconut: 

Make this recipe when you have massive craving of ice-cream and the dining hall is close for the night. It is cool and not frozen. Use whole dairy milk to make it. 

20. Chocolate Mug Cake (Single Serving): 

A simple way to get your dessert craving satisfied is trying chocolate mug cake that has no butter, gluten, or flour. 


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