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Banish Sleepless Nights in Your House with These Tips

Do you feel like your family is awake all the time? If the kids aren’t refusing to go to bed, then you’re lying in bed, unable to sleep. Trouble sleeping or even refusing to go to bed isn’t just for children. Adults can find themselves struggling to sleep or perhaps not wanting to go to bed because they dread getting up the next day. Perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep because you have so much to do and end up staying awake too late. If your house has big sleep problems, it’s never too late to fix it. Try some of these solutions if anyone is having trouble sleeping.


In the summer months, it’s often the heat that stops people from sleeping. It can be difficult to relax when you’re hot and flustered. The first thing you should do is ensure that everyone has the right bedding. Cool cotton sheets will help to keep everyone cool, and you don’t need a duvet. However, even when it’s hot, many people like to have something light covering them. Don’t forget to consider pyjamas too. Either light PJs or none at all will be much more comfortable. Opening the windows to let air flow if there is a breeze can help, but air conditioning or fans might be preferable.

Blocking Out Noise

Many people are sensitive to noise when they’re trying to sleep. It can be especially difficult when you move house or perhaps sleep in a hotel. You might be used to the noises you had before, but unfamiliar ones are more noticeable. One of the best ways to block out any sounds is to use a white noise machine. A sleep machine is excellent for both adults and children, including babies. It can be very soothing and help you drop off to sleep. However, other people might not like it and prefer the natural noises around them.

Light Levels

Light can also have an effect on how well you can sleep. Some people like it to be pitch black, while others need a little bit of light. Many children want to have a night light or perhaps some light coming in from the hallway. It can be frightening if it’s too dark but might be hard to sleep if it’s too light. For most people, a little bit of light helps to create the perfect conditions, without keeping them awake.


It might sound like I am stating the obvious, but do not underestimate the importance of good quality bedding. I firmly believe the quality of your bedding has a direct correlation to sleep. It is the one thing I do not scrimp on. I also maintain a summer duvet in 4.5 tog and a super cosy winter one of 10.5 tog.  For my kids I always choose a washable duvet it makes life so much easier!

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines can affect sleep for children and adults. Winding down before bed is important for everyone. newborn-220142_960_720Your kids will find it hard to fall asleep if they go straight from running around to getting into bed. You could find the same if you switch quickly between doing your bills to going to sleep. Make sure the whole family gets a chance to relax before it’s time for bed, whether that means a bath and a story or a glass of wine and a romance novel.

Don’t let your house be disturbed by sleepless nights. Whether it’s adults or babies struggling to sleep, you can find a solution.

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