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3 Tips for Getting Your Life More Organised, without Needing Lots of Discipline

There are all sorts of benefits to having your life relatively well organised – ranging from the fact you will be able to avoid the stress of rushing to meet deadlines, to the fact that you will be better able to invest time and energy in your hobbies of choice.


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Of course, wanting to get your life a bit more organised is one thing, but actually making it happen is something else altogether. Too much organisation can be a stressful and stifling thing, and trying to get your life more organised using sheer discipline is often a losing proposition.

If you have ever worked in the hospitality industry, you might have noticed that it was significantly easier to serve up meals to strangers than to do it at home, at times.

The trick is that there are things other than discipline that are involved in getting things done.

Here are some tips for getting your life more organised, without needing lots of discipline.

Get yourself connected to external “accountability mechanisms”

The reason why you might find it easier to be organised, and to get things done, in a job context, has a lot to do with the external “accountability mechanisms” that are present in that context, which may be missing in your personal life.

In order to get your life more organised in general, figure out ways to implement accountability mechanisms that you don’t have direct control over. This might be an accountability buddy who expects regular check ins from you, or might even mean putting money on the line with a service such as StickK.

It’s easy to be consistent when there are external pressures, rewards, and punishments involved.

Listen to your intuition, and, to the best of your ability, try to only do things that feel meaningful to you

If you’re trying to structure your life in a way that you don’t intrinsically find meaningful or positive, you are bound to fail – and if you don’t, you will certainly be miserable at the very least.

Take some time to listen to your intuition, and to try to restructure your life to the best of your ability so that you are only doing things that feel meaningful to you.

The more meaningful something feels, in general, the easier it will be to do and stick with.

Develop the habit of getting started more quickly, and thinking about the process less

Paralysis analysis” is a very real thing, and it can certainly apply to maintaining structure in your life, and performing your daily routines, just as it can apply to everything else.

Perhaps the best and most consistent way of circumventing this issue, is to do what you can to develop the habit of getting started on things more quickly, and thinking about the process less, as a rule.

If you sit around and reflect on how much you’re going to dislike doing a particular chore, for example, it will be much harder for you to actually do it.

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