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4 Favourite Activities for Outdoor Learning

It’s important for young children to explore different learning environments; they should get out of the classroom every once in a while and explore the outside world. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done for many children who don’t have the privilege of a safe outdoor space to play in and explore freely. With that said, it’s important for schools and parents to ensure every child receives their fair share of outdoor learning where possible. Here are five ideas from an independent school in Surrey.

A Walk through Nature

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Find a local forest or nature reserve and take a family stroll. Talk about what trees, plants, bugs and animals you can see and hear and how they all survive together as one whole. Discuss how the forest might look during the different seasons and what you can do to help the forest continue to survive and grow. 

Building a Bird Feeder

Invite some feathery friends into your garden by building a bird feeder. This encourages an element of creativity as well as an interest in nature. Your child will learn what different types of birds like to eat.

Growing Your Own

Growing a vegetable patch is a great way to give your child a sense of responsibility and achievement. What’s more, it gives them an opportunity to learn about different fruits and vegetables and add some healthy foods to their diet. When they have successfully grown something, they will feel proud of themselves. 

Reading a Map

Despite the introduction of satellite navigation, it’s still important that kids learn how to read a map. Next time you head out and about, encourage your child to find the way by showing off their map reading skills. Understanding co-ordinations and symbols will help your child in their maths and geography lessons going forward.

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