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4 Signs Your Roof Needs Attention

Many of us will only call in a roofing contractor after there has been a violent storm and we suspect that a loose tile that might come down and hit our vehicle parked below. Knowing the roofing companies near me are key contacts to have to hand not only in the event of an emergency.  We can also, however, call them out to do a roof inspection periodically. This will ensure that no damage is occurring that we cannot see.

Drones are now a useful aid to consider when it comes to checking your roof. They can at least alert us to trouble with our roof which a roofing contractor can then explore further and fix. One of the most important things to remember is to ensure the company you use is reputable, companies like Superior Gutter and Roofing have a wealth of knowledge and a host of reviews to give you peace of mind in this area. Looking for reviews and expertise cannot be underestimated. 

So, let us think about what we should be looking out for that might mean calling in a roofing firm such as K&D Roofing for an almost certain repair.


The amount of time that has passed can simply be a clue that a roof requires attention. As a rule of thumb, slates, tile, and copper roofs will last for 50 years or more, wood shake roofs approximately 30 years, fibre cement shingles about 25 years, and asphalt shingles around 20 years. So, if your roof has not been looked at in all this time, then it is time to arrange a professional inspection. We should bear in mind that climate will also make a difference and that slate is the longest lasting of all roofing materials, so is likely to give you more time than the 50 years before it needs looking at.  Trends also can be influential here with people opting to change roof if it is nearing its lifespan to something popular. For example cedar shake roofs have really increased in popularity in recent years due to their stability and value.

It is important to have your roof checked regularly. It may have picked up some damage in a storm that had everyone, including the dog, making their way under the table. 

Darkened Areas

Darkened areas will appear on your roof when granules start to fall off your shingles. You will see these granules or sand start to appear from nowhere on your driveway. These affected shingles, when identified, should be replaced by a qualified roofer to ensure the best job possible.

Another reason for dark patches on your roof might be that there is moss or algae growth. This needs to be dealt with promptly too and removed. A roof repairer can also take care of this for you.

Missing Tiles or Shingles and Exposed Nail Heads

Where tiles are visibly missing, perhaps after a storm, they should be replaced to protect a roof from leaking. Exposed or raised nail heads should be dealt with because the spaces or holes around them are then susceptible to water penetrating and seeping in. To ignore these signs might mean that you end up replacing a roof sooner than you expected when there are plenty of other things to spend your household budget on.

Roof Sagging

It is fair to say that a sagging roof means that it requires urgent attention. A roof is then obviously weak and can deteriorate rapidly. Sometimes, this is because a roof has not been installed correctly in the first place, due to not having been fitted by a professional or qualified roofer. It will be in danger of collapse and must be attended to promptly before the inevitable happens. Snow or layers of ice on a roof can put it under strain, so this is why it is good to have a sloped roof to avoid this. Flat roofs will require additional attention and you should look out for the pooling of water that, if allowed to collect, will invariably cause lasting damage to roofs and properties.

So, there are many things about our roof that are possible to spot ourselves and we should always take prompt action when we see them, such as getting a roofing contractor involved, rather than wait until our roof shows signs of letting us down completely. Technology today has meant that we now have drones, as well as binoculars, to help us see what is going on with our roof, so there is no need to risk climbing onto our roof ourselves to see what might be wrong. Then once we have a clue that we have a roofing problem, we know to call out a roofing contractor without delay.

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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