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4 Tips for Dressing for a Wedding

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Finding the perfect outfit for any social occasion can be overwhelming, but no more so than for a wedding. Not only do you only have one chance to get it right, but chances are, you’re going to be in a lot of photographs. And, if you are part of wedding party, this is especially true, so the last thing you want is an outfit you will regret. 

So, here are a few important points to consider when dressing yourself for the big day. 

Consider the Weather

Depending on the month of the wedding and whether the wedding is abroad, you need to prepare for the weather. You will need to dress formally no matter what, but you may need to consider extras such as a formal coat to pop on and off or a plain umbrella. You should also make style choices to suit the weather, such as whether long sleeves will be too hot or if a strapless dress would leave you exposed to the elements. 

Consider Your Role

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Whether you’re a bridesmaid, maid of honour, mother of the bride or guest, there is plenty to consider when it comes to dressing for a wedding. It’s usually the case when preparing for a wedding that you purchase your outfit far in advance, especially in the case of bridesmaids, who may need a fitting. It’s important to consider your lifestyle choices when thinking about your outfit. You need to ensure you get the correct size for the wedding day itself, so if you’re planning on losing any weight before the wedding, you may need to consider a size smaller. You also need to choose a store that caters for your size range, so that you can get a flattering plus size mother of the bride dress, for example.

Besides the outfit you’ll be wearing during the ceremony itself, you may want to consider what you’ll also be wearing before or after the wedding. If you’re the bride, personalized satin robes are a great idea for your bridesmaids. Personalized satin robes for bridesmaids give them a nice outfit during prep time before the ceremony when they’re having their hair and makeup done. The satin robes won’t ruin their hair and makeup when they need to change and make it easier to get into their dresses. The robes will also look great in pictures. And after the wedding, the satin robes can serve as your gifts or souvenirs for your bridesmaids

Consider the Location

The wedding style should be about personal taste, of course, but it will usually take into account the venue. This is particularly important when it comes to guests choosing their shoes and the length of their dress or skirt. If the venue is a more rural location, for instance, you may need to move across grass, and this can be problematic with a high pair of heels and a skirt that drapes along the floor. Once you know the location and venue, you can plan the most practical outfit suitable for it. 

Consider What the Bride is Wearing

It’s a generally accepted rule that any wedding guest should never wear white to a wedding. However, you may also want to consider the design of the bride’s dress, too. You don’t want your wedding outfit to be too similar, even if it’s a different colour. Of course, the chances of getting an identical dress to the bride are pretty slim, especially if the bride has opted for a big, princess dress, but if the bride’s taste is more toned down and simple, such as a floaty maxi dress, for example, you may want to opt for a midi option. 


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