4 Vacation Tips for People With Chronic Health Issues

If you, or someone you know, is managing a chronic health condition then going on vacation can seem like a daunting prospect. Travel can be incredibly unpredictable and just the thought of getting to the airport and booking suitable accommodation can be discouraging. However, with a little preparation everyone can enjoy traveling. Here are a few tips to help you plan a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.

Book Your Flight With a Specialist


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If you decide to fly to your destination of choice, then make your life easier by contacting a non-emergency medical transport provider. Non-emergency medical transport providers, such as Flying Angels, provide non-emergency transport for people who need medical care or disabled travel assistance. With a non-emergency medical transport provider, an experienced RN flight coordinator will help you with everything travel-related. This includes making travel reservations, filling out paperwork and booking accommodation suitable for your needs. They will also handle any unforeseen circumstances relating to your flight. In addition, you will be accompanied by a registered nurse with critical care and emergency experience. Booking a flight with a non-emergency medical transport provider will ensure you travel safely to your destination.

Opt For a Cruise

Going on a cruise is a great way for people with chronic health issues to see the world with little effort. If you pick the right cruise, everything you need can be found in one manageable place. From the many cuisines to sample to the plethora of entertainment onboard, cruise ships have a lot to offer. The best bit is that you get to decide whether you want to partake or not. Furthermore, you will reach exotic destinations without the stress of having to find your own way there. With an itinerary, you can plan your excursions and choose the activities that will suit you, and skip the ones that don’t. Cruising is great for groups of people who have differing medical needs. Everyone can enjoy each other’s company and can get as much out of the experience as they want.

Go All-Inclusive

Managing a chronic health issue can be extremely debilitating, by opting for an all-inclusive resort you can eliminate a lot of stressful planning. By going all-inclusive, you do not need to worry about where you are going to have your next meal and how you are going to get there. Instead, you can sit back and relax by the pool knowing that everything you need for a chilled-out vacation is within close proximity. All-inclusive resorts can be enjoyed by everyone. In particular, they are a great option for people with low energy and limited mobility.

Do Your Research

Wherever you decide to go, do your research on the healthcare facilities at your destination. Medical care can differ a great deal, especially in foreign countries. 

Make sure you know what to expect from your chosen destination and prepare your medical paperwork in case of emergencies. In addition, create a backup plan in case things go wrong. Pack extra medication and keep a copy of your medication prescription with you in case you need an extra supply. By planning ahead and preparing for the worst you will be less stressed if things don’t go to plan.

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