5 Best Treatments for Deep Wrinkles Around the Mouth

As you advance in age, your skin tends to produce less collagen, which promotes skin elasticity. As a result, you might notice your skin starts sagging or forms wrinkles around your mouth. However, your lifestyle habits, poor nutrition, and genetics could also contribute to the formation of wrinkles. There are three types of mouth wrinkles: marionette lines, lipstick lines, and smile lines. You might be insecure about your appearance and want to make your mouth wrinkles less visible. This article will discuss some of the best treatments for deep wrinkles around the mouth.

Use plant oils

Plant-derived oils such as castor, olive, and coconut oil are typically used for cooking. However, you could use these oils to moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Experts also reveal that these plant oils contain a high concentration of essential fatty acids that improve skin elasticity. Apply a few drops of the oil on the spots with wrinkles at least twice a day.

Consider chemical peels

The human body loses about 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. Accumulation of these dead cells accentuates the appearance of wrinkles on your face and around the mouth. A chemical peel is a high-strength skin exfoliant that gets rid of the top layer of the epidermis to reveal smooth skin. We suggest doing chemical peels at least once a month to keep your skin looking radiant and to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles around the mouth. 

Get Botox injections

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Botox is a neurotoxin injected in super small doses under the skin to soften wrinkles and improve facial volume. Though Botox is typically injected around the eyes, it has proven effective when dealing with fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
A word of caution, though. It would be best to consult with a licensed and reputable Botox provider in your area to help you get the best results. For instance, if you are in Pittsburg, you can go for botox injectables Dr. Heil to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Ensure you follow the doctor’s instructions to prevent the Botox from migrating to unintended muscles or bruising.

Try microneedling

In the microneedling procedure, the professional uses tiny needles on a microneedling pen or a derma roller to prick the skin. Once your skin heals from the minor wounds, it becomes smoother, and the wrinkles look less defined. We recommend you undergo several sessions over a few months to achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free face.

Apply essential oils

Essential oils such as sandalwood, lemon, lavender, and frankincense can help promote cell turnover and increase the skin’s firmness around your mouth. However, it would help to perform a test patch on the back of your neck or the inside of your elbow to ascertain you will not have an allergic reaction. You can then apply a small amount of essential oil to the skin around your mouth at least twice a day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrapping up

If you have developed wrinkles around your mouth or would like to slow down the aging process that results in wrinkles, you could establish a regular skincare routine. It would also be wise to limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol and avoid smoking to prevent the development of wrinkles around your mouth. You can also seek help from a cosmetic surgeon to help beat the signs of aging.

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