Breast implants: Should you get them before or after kids?

Breast implants are standard procedures these days. There are different reasons for women to choose breast augmentation, such as medical reasons or to feel comfortable in their bodies. May women also associate cosmetic surgeries with self-love. Whether you are considering breast implants for medical reasons or fashion purposes, if you are of child-bearing age, you may be wondering if it will impact your pregnancy. 

After a thorough discussion with many plastic surgeons and gynecologists, we have collected information on the pros and cons of breast implants before and after kids. Here’s the good news: implants do not hinder breastfeeding in most cases. This article mentions information to help you pick the right time for breast surgery.

What is the right time to get breast implants? 

Significantly, there is no right time to undergo surgery for your bust because it is more of a personal decision. However, before you decide and give a green signal for surgery, you should consider certain things about your life. According to the patients, who got their breast augmentation by Dr. Fenner, the doctor helped them analyze the situation and understand the effects on their bodies. It was then that they could finally make a decision. One of the critical discussions included child planning. So, let’s learn about breast implants before and after having kids. 

Breast implants before having kids 

Women of the child-bearing age have to think through if they want to reshape their breasts before having their children or not. It is critical because pregnancy gets a body through significant changes, including weight gain and weight loss. The hormonal changes in the body also affect the size and shape of their breasts. 

According to expert plastic surgeons, getting implants before bearing a child will give you aesthetically strong results. You can enjoy enhanced, fuller-looking, and tighter breasts. It will amp up your confidence and mark a point of self-love. Additionally, you can breastfeed your child with silicone implants if the insertion is from your armpit or under the bust. The only thing that hinders milk production is when the surgeons dissect the areola during the procedure. 

Breast implants after having children 

Pregnancy leaves your body with significant changes. Therefore, surgeons worldwide suggest that one should consider implants only when they are sure that no more significant bodily changes will happen to their bodies. 

When you get implants before getting pregnant, you may need to get a revision surgery to correct the form and size of your breasts. Therefore, you should wait until you bear all your children for long-lasting and pro aesthetical results. Healthcare experts recommend waiting for around 6 to 12 months before getting a breast implant surgery after your pregnancy. It will help your breasts regain their natural size and shape. The regaining time for breasts aids the implant procedure, as you can get a clear idea of how your bust will look. 

Final Words 

It is a woman’s personal choice if she wants to get breast implants or not. Most women with small or asymmetrical breasts undergo surgery to enhance their appearance and confidence. We suggest you discuss the risk factors of each implant type and consider your body’s condition before getting under the knife. Your plastic surgeon will have solutions for all your queries, so do not hesitate to communicate.

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