5 Ideas To Create An Office That Increases Productivity

Whether you work from the office or from home, it’s important to create a space that enhances productivity and creativity. Failing to consider the key elements of office design could leave you feeling sluggish and unmotivated. 

There are plenty of ways to create an office that encourages productivity, so let’s consider a few of the best options.

1 . Improve the aesthetics 

The appearance of our working environment has a dramatic effect on our productivity levels. To enhance productivity try improving the aesthetics and appearance of your office space. There are plenty of simple ways to do this, including:

  • A lick of paint: Give your office a new paint job, focusing on colors that boost productivity. Colors that are associated with focus and include shades of bright yellow and bright green.
  • Artwork: One of the easiest ways to create an attractive office space is to fill the walls with colorful artwork.

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  • Workstations: Look for Office Cubicles For Sale that will provide a modern and stylish look in your office.

2.  A healthy environment

Creating a healthy environment is the key to boosting productivity. Studies have shown that improved air quality and the presence of plants can help to improve focus and create a healthier environment.

Designing a healthy work environment should also take into consideration eco-friendly adjustments. Prioritize earth-friendly materials and practices when approaching a redesign. Create green policies and goals, and provide adequate training to get everyone on board.

3. Think about ergonomics

Providing ergonomic workstations helps to boost productivity, but more importantly, keeps employees healthy and safe. Ergonomic furniture is especially designed to support the body, and prevent injuries from sitting. Ergonomic chairs usually have adjustable parts, so that the individual can easily find the correct position. Desks should offer enough legroom, and allow the monitor to be positioned at roughly arm’s length away.

4. Offer productivity tools

The right equipment and tools can help to improve productivity in the workplace, including:

  • Standing desks: With the help of standing desks employees can boost their energy levels, and improve their focus.
  • Productivity apps: There are plenty of productivity apps designed for the workplace including Forest, Rescue Time, Toggl, and Asana.

It’s important that your staff have regular breaks, short breaks throughout the day is another way to improve focus levels.

5. Use elements of nature

The presence of plants has been proven to improve focus in the workplace. The best plants for the office are usually low-maintenance plants, for example:

  • Chinese Money Plant: These are the perfect plants for the office, they are easy to grow and retain water well. Chinese money plants grow to around 20-30cm, they have a bold appearance, with bright leaves shaped like saucers.
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid: These are beautiful plants to jazz up the office, and orchids only need watering about once every week.

Whether you’re running a virtual business or working out of an office it’s vital to consider how your environment affects your productivity.


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