Luxurious Travel Options You Can Explore

When my partner and I were planning to take a vacation, one critical question that lingered over our heads was how to travel luxuriously. I must admit that we are people who love the finer things in life. While on a normal day we would use any means of transport available, our vacation would not be the same.

So, we embarked on a journey of learning to come up with options that we could explore when it finally came time to vacation, from private jet services like Jettly to luxurious cruises and the like. I must say that period of learning was a real eye-opener I never thought I would have. We came up with a couple of options and when the day of the vacation arrived, we were all set to enjoy the time of our lives.

Here are some of the luxurious traveling options you too can explore on your next vacation with family or friends.

1. Cruise Ship

The magnificence of a cruise ship says it all. Looking at it promises you nothing short of comfort and luxury. When my wife brought up the idea of a vacation for our fifth anniversary, her wish was that we go on a luxury cruise that would last us a month. I was so excited about the idea that I even convinced her to do an additional month. We toured several port cities in different countries. We experienced so many different cultures and met amazing people everywhere that we went.

More than just the destinations we went to, the customer service on the cruise ship is like nothing I will ever experience in my life. Each one of our cabins resembled a 3-star hotel room and we had stewards and stewardesses at our service for all that we needed.

2. Private Jet

Flying private always looks fancy and I can tell you this, it feels just the same. While it doesn’t compare to the ultimate experience, we had on the cruise

private jet

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ship, the comfort and style in a private plane are mind-blowing.

We flew on a private jet when we were coming back from our luxury cruise. My wife needed to get back to work earlier than planned. When we called our travel agent to book us a commercial flight, he informed us that no flights were available till the next day. Hearing this instantly sent us into panic mode. The agent, however, told us that he could get us on a private jet going to London. The best thing about it, unlike the commercial plane, we could decide what time we want to travel.

We chose to travel later that evening. From the time we left our hotel room to the time we got to the airport, into the private terminal, and finally boarded the jet, it all felt different. One thing a private jet afforded us was peace of mind. We did not experience any chaos as was the norm when flying commercial.

Once inside the plane, the true meaning of a private jet became evident. There was enough of everything to make you feel you are at home. No noise or disturbance, and for once I even got a chance to nap while flying.

3. Steam Train

All my life, I grew up reading about steam locomotives and how they revolutionized the world. While vacationing with my wife, we got a chance to board one of these trains. I would like to think that the engineers at that time were true lovers of nature. In all the locations that the train passed, the scenery was breath-taking. The service on the train as well made that vacation the most memorable ever.

Traveling luxuriously is one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a vacation. Explore any options for luxurious travel available to you in the destination you would like to visit. Talking to your travel agent will help you discover many luxury travel methods you did not know about.

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