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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Installing Fancy Skylights

Fancy skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. They let natural light in, give you a glimpse of the outside, and give your home that extra detail that can change the entire aesthetic. Plus, installing skylights in your home can increase the overall value as well. There are many positives to adding fancy skylights to your home. However, before you go ahead and do so, you should be sure to ask these five questions to ensure you’re getting the best skylight to compliment your home.

Should the skylights have the ability to open?

Not all skylights have to open—some are merely there to let natural light in, rather than to let in air. This is something that will ultimately be left up to you; however, talking to your contractor about it can give you a better idea as to what will work best for your family and your home. By having the ability to open your skylights, you have the option of letting a cool breeze into your home. However, that isn’t always practical. This can be a concern if you have high ceilings, which would make it difficult for you to be able to reach the skylight to open it. There are workarounds to this, such as opening the skylight with a remote-control system rather than manually. If you have a budget that you need to stick to, be sure to ask your contractor how much something like this would cost to install and maintain.

What kind of glass is used in the skylights?

skylightIt’s important to ensure the type of glass being used in your skylight is durable and of the highest quality. This will minimize the need for future repairs and be much easier to maintain. The best glass to use is tempered glass, and we highly recommend this is what you have installed. Tempered glass is much more flexible than other forms of glass. In the event that it does break, it only fractures into small pebbles, rather than entirely shattering into sharp shards, which is much safer. For instance, in the unfortunate event that there is a storm and a tree falls on your home, the tempered glass would better protect you. You won’t have to worry about any glass shards falling on you or your family.

Are these skylights energy efficient?

Not only will you be helping the environment by installing energy efficient skylights, but you will also be saving yourself money in the long run. Hot air rises. Because of this, if you do not install energy-efficient skylights, this hot air will leak out of your home during the winter, resulting in a chillier home. This will, in turn, cause you to constantly feel the need to turn up the heat or trigger your furnace to continuously pump heat into your home, costing you more money. One way to ensure the skylights are energy efficient is by asking your contractor if the glass being used is at least double-paned. Additionally, be sure to ask about thermal breaks, as this will help minimize the amount of heat loss caused by induction.

Are there any accessories I should be adding to my skylight, and if so, what?

Sometimes merely installing a fancy skylight isn’t enough. There may be some accessories that will better this new addition. As briefly mentioned above, a remote control can be an extremely beneficial accessory to install. You may be able to choose this addition regardless of whether or not you have a high ceiling. If you prefer to not have to manually open the skylight, choosing the remote-control option may be in your best interest.

Further accessories that may be available for your new skylight are interior trim kits, sun screens, and blinds. When it comes to blinds, you may be able to choose from light-filtering blinds and blackout blindsall depending on what exactly you are looking for. We understand that there may be some days you don’t want to have all that natural light radiating into your home.

Will I be able to clean my skylights and how?

It is no secret that glass gets dirty. However, it can be more of a challenge to clean skylights, depending on the height of your ceilings. Plus, these should not be cleaned like just any other glass windows you currently have in your home. Using the usual water, ammonia, and dish liquid should suffice; however, it’s important to remember to clean the frame of the skylight while you are up there as well. When it comes to drying your skylight after the wash, do not be too harsh. skylight

You will want to clean your skylight at least twice a year. Before you install your skylight, be sure to ask your contractor if there are any special cleaning tips or tricks you should know about and be able to prepare for. Your contractor may also recommend a more frequent cleaning schedule, depending on the type of glass or area it has been installed in.

When it comes to installing fancy skylights, there are a lot of questions you’ll want to ask before getting started. These are simply a glimpse at some of the most common, and very important, questions that you should be asking. It’s important to always think about what works best for your home and your family. This will help you figure out where exactly the skylights should be located and whether or not they should have the ability to open.

Additionally, be up-front with your contractor about your lifestyle and what you’re looking for. The contractor should be able to provide you with suggestions, maybe even some you haven’t thought of or didn’t even know about.

Also, visit with a roofing professional about any considerations regarding your roof’s structure or ability to support a skylight. At Interstate Roofing, they’re happy to talk with you anytime about how installing fancy skylights will work with your roof, or any other roofing questions or needs you have. Feel free to give them a call or stop by and meet with one of their staff. They promise to relieve any stress you maybe have and answer all your questions.


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