5 Things to Do With an Old Smartphone

Your old smartphone still works, but you’ve just upgraded to a new and faster model.  Now, you’re wondering what you can do with your old phone.

Instead of throwing it away, why not try these 5 things?

Help Mother Earth By Recycling

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Whatever you do with your old cellphone, don’t throw it in the dumpster. You won’t be contributing to a greener environment and a safer one for the future generation.  It doesn’t take much to properly recycle your old gadget. For instance, you can hand it over to the nearest recycling center so they can take it apart, reuse it or harvest for individual components. Or, you can take it to a recycling programme that gives you in-store credit, gift cards or cash by turning old branded tech.  It’s certainly better than having your old gadget end up in the landfill and pollute the earth by leaching toxins into the ground.

Help Organisations by Donating

A functioning phone that can make calls, send SMS or browse the web may still be useful to other people. Think about who or how you’d want to donate your gadget for a good cause.  It could be your local church, a goodwill centre, an animal shelter, library or hospital. The staff welcomes any serviceable tech they can use to do their jobs. The same goes for old laptops, tablets, computers, fax and printers.  You can also give it to your co-worker, neighbour or favourite relative the next time you meet. Make sure to gather the cable, charger and any accessory so they can fully enjoy the gift.

Re-Use Your Phone As A Backup

Find your old phone’s charging cable and power it up. Activate the cellular network so you can start making calls or sending messages with it. When it’s full, put it in a sturdy case and somewhere easily accessible, e.g., in your locker, car or bag. You’ll be safer knowing that you’ll have a backup phone in case something happens to your main unit.

Turn Old Into New

Did you know that you can create an mp3 player, an eBook reader or maybe a portable TV with your old phone? Here are some fun projects you can try:

  • Portable TV. Install YouTube, a streaming app such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Twitch and you have a dedicated video app for entertainment. If you have kids, load it up with their favorite cartoons and a video app so you’ll have something to distract them with.  We travel a lot and often rely on devices to keep the kids entertained on long flights or long airport waits so worth doing some research into a vpn that works with netflix.
  • Remote Control. Never lose a remote (and precious time) again when you turn your old tech into a remote. Search through the App Store or Play Store and download the corresponding remote for your Smart TV, Apple TV or Roku device.
  • Music Player. Get Google Music or iTunes and some of your favorite songs into a workout playlist. Attach a Bluetooth speaker or some wireless headphones and you’ll have a dedicated music player when you’re exercising at home or outside. You can also turn it into a static sound system by placing it on a charging dock and plugging in wired speakers.
  • eBook Reader. Do you love to read books? How about your partner or kids? You can turn your old tech into a storybook, a virtual magazine shelf or a library, depending on what you prefer. All you need is to download the Kindle app (or similar programs), magazines or eBooks and voila! A personal eBook reader. On the same note, if you prefer audiobooks, get the corresponding app and listen to podcasts or software that can read classic books aloud, for example.

Sell Your Gadget For Cash

Last but certainly not the least, you can turn your old mobile into quick cash by listing it up online. Popular sites such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook do have sections where users can advertise their secondhand items and sell them for money.  Simply upload a nice photo, details about the phone and its condition, then set a price. Wait for offers to come in, and when the price is right set up a meeting and you’ll have money to spend.

For easy and direct transactions, you can turn to online tech recyclers to sell your tech for money. Fill up an online form, send the item in and wait for them to receive it. You get fast cash and a straight appraisal right away.


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