5 Ways Your Telemarketing Campaign Is Going Wrong


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Telemarketing campaigns are utilised by companies all over the world. If they are used properly then they can bring optimum success to businesses. However, there are easy ways to get your telemarketing campaigns wrong. This is because there are a few common pitfalls that many businesses are still falling into the trap of. Read on to discover the common pitfalls to avoid in a telemarketing campaign.

  • Calling at inconvenient times – A lot of people complain that they receive cold calls at extremely awkward or inappropriate times of the day. Those who are called late in the evening get annoyed because you are interrupting their time to relax. However, if you call during the day then there is always the chance you are going to catch the individual whilst they are busy. Most experts recommended calling in the morning before the stresses and strains of the day have had their chance to impact the individual in question.
  • Poor quality lists – Most companies suffer at the hand of poor quality lists. This relates to out of date contact information and alike. This can lead to you being extremely inefficient and so a lot of time is wasted. You need to make sure all the information is up to date and any irrelevant data is removed. 
  • Failing to follow up – This is a huge mistake. It will take more than a mere phone call in order to clinch a deal. Furthermore, it is always recommended to record your calls and keep all of the information from each one stored onto your database. You can use this to your advantage. Next time you have to ring the business you can read up on them first in order to pick up right from the place you left off. The professional will be impressed and this ensures you do not waste any time repeating what has already been done.
  • Diving right in – There is nothing worse than trying to force a good on someone, whether it is a push button switch, telephone system, or anything else. No matter how brilliant your product or service may be, individuals hate to feel as if they are being pressurized into buying something. In fact, most telemarketing experts will advise you to avoid trying to sell on the very first call. It is all about building a long term relationship. 
  • Lack of preparation – If you have not done your preparation before your call then it will show. Make sure you prepare thoroughly beforehand. If you jot down some keywords it will help you to keep everything on the right path. It is important to be natural and let the conversation flow but you have to be confident and knowledgeable too.

The five points mentioned are the main mistakes being made by companies all over the world in relation to their telemarketing campaigns. If you can avoid these five pitfalls then you can give yourself a great chance of ensuring your telemarketing strategy is a successful one.

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