6 Preparations You Can Make for the Coming Harsh Winter


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The preparations you can make for the coming harsh winter right now could make all the difference and see you through a difficult time. It doesn’t take a professionally made TV infomercial by a world class animation studio for you to know that there are hard times ahead for all of us. Yet banks, charities and government agencies use such methods to get their point across. As do energy companies themselves, on how you can save money by switching. However, the current energy crisis is so bad that many energy suppliers are out of business.

This is a primary indicator of just how bad the situation might get. Gas prices will increase significantly, so saving a little now can go a long way later. And you can save money with some simple home inspections and efficient installations. Also, Annual winter flu rates are expected to be much higher this year. Make sure you get a flu jab to stave off the worst. And should the worst happen, it is advised that you stock up on basic supplies at home and in your car.

Squirrel Away Some Extra Bill Money

The global price of energy is rising, and some nations are affected more than others. For example, It is known that the UK is set to endure a considerable price hike. This means substantially higher heating bills for everyone. The crisis is so bad that third party energy firms are going out of business. So you can give yourself some leeway by saving a little extra now.

The average gas price is set to rise by 30%. This is a significant figure for anyone, and the poorest in society will feel it worst. However, you can act now while the weather is still warm enough to keep heating low. First, keep your heat at a constant lower temperature rather than intermittent high temperatures. This is more efficient. Also, put any spare money you have into a winter heating fund when you can. This will help when the cold really hits.

Get Flu and Covid Jabs ASAP

Every year the flu hits hard and causes misery for millions of people. And with an energy crisis, you may not be able to afford a day off work, especially if you are self-employed. In addition, the flu is expected to be worse this year since Covid-19 isolation caused fewer natural immunities. So book a flu jab as soon as you can to help offset the worst of the flu symptoms. 

In addition to the flu and despite vaccinations, the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over. Cases are rising, and world governments are advising booster jabs. However, these are provided free, so there isn’t really any excuse not to get one. Additionally, the Delta variant is still infecting people. So there is no guarantee there won’t be another variant that emerges at any time.

Fix Cold Spots and Draughts

It can sometimes feel like heating your home is a losing battle. You get one room warm only to have the heat escape when a door opens. Even worse, a room never seems to get cosy. If this happens to you, then you might have a draught. Draughts are caused by numerous things in the home, such as:

  • Poorly fitted doors or windows
  • Chimneys.
  • Uneven plasterboard adhesive
  • Ventilated crawl spaces
  • Open letterboxes and keyholes
  • Wall vents

Addressing some of these is straightforward. For example, you can install draught excluders for most doors and seal windows. Also, you can tape letterboxes and fit keyhole covers. Yet other jobs are more technical. You will need professional help with such things as repairing dot and dab plasterboard issues and closing chimneys.

Install Basic Insulation

In addition to fixing the coldest areas of your home where heat escapes, you can further increase savings by making your home more energy-efficient. Of course, there should be insulation in your roof space, but you can add more around the house. One of the simplest methods is to install plumbing insulation. This isn’t technical, and you won’t need a plumber.

All you need to do is purchase pipe insulation from any good DIY store. You then wrap insulation around your exposed pipes wherever you see them. You can keep the insulation in place with tape. This not only saves you money by reducing the work your boiler needs to do, but it will also prevent your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can burst and flood your home.

Stock Necessary Supplies

Some people laugh at so-called “preppers”, but one thing’s for sure; when the worst happens, they have what they need. So why not take a page out of their book? You might recall the toilet roll incidents when the pandemic started. We can all learn from that. It is therefore wise to stock in some basic supplies you think you might need should anything happen. 

Winter is prone to adverse weather such as rainstorms, hurricanes and flooding. All of these natural disasters can potentially leave you stranded. However, you can help yourself with supplies such as toilet rolls, wet wipes, water, canned foods, medication, batteries, flashlights and blankets. It might appear a little over the top, but no one even expects to find themselves in a situation until they are in one.

Prepare Your Vehicles

Of course, winter preparation extends beyond the home. Your vehicles are just as essential and can be hazardous in winter and adverse weather if not appropriately checked. First, and probably most importantly, check your tyres. Ensure the tread is adequate for driving in treacherous conditions. You can further protect yourself with a fresh installation of winter tyres.

Next, make sure all electrics are working, such as lights. Fog and heavy rain require more lighting so others can see you. For the final winter car check, test if your brakes are working flawlessly. This could mean the difference between halting your vehicle correctly or ending up in a ditch. Additionally, stock supplies such as food, water, blankets, a fully charged phone and spare fuel. You never know when you might need them.

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