4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for an Unusual Holiday Season


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Every business is gearing up for massive sales as we enter one of the busiest shopping seasons. However, this year is far from the normal calendar year. With the pandemic and recession causing businesses to close, the surviving companies have to do whatever it takes to remain afloat. The consequences can be seen in declining customer spending power.

That should not worry you if you know what to do to make the most of this shopping season. Here are four ways to prepare your business for an unusual holiday season. 

Enhance your online presence

Digitalization is not a new concept in business. However, this pandemic has hastened the move to digital platforms. As we come closer to the busiest shopping season of this calendar year, you can expect online shopping to increase drastically. 

If you rely on in-store sales, this is the time to shift to online shopping or miss out. Accordingly, if you have an online presence, ensure you have the tools needed to make shopping and payments more accessible and manageable. Create a seamless system that helps you attract more clients and drive up sales. 

Simplify customer checkout experience

Customers want to shop with a single click or touch of a button. This is even more common with increasing eCommerce activities. As you prepare your business for this unusual yet busiest shopping season, reduce the friction by making shopping more seamless. One further consideration you could look into is the use of a Virtual Waiting Room, this can help avoid website crashes due to large volumes of traffic and manage queues in a fair manner thus maintaining trust with your customer base. 

In addition it is also important to ensure your platform does not take customers around to make purchases. The simpler the checkout experience, the more sales you will make this season. This is made possible by reducing the cart abandonment rate. Wrap up the transaction as fast as possible to allow clients to check out with a single touch or click.  

Improve engagement

Customers are shifting more to online shopping. Interestingly, if you do not improve engagement, you will still miss out even with an online presence. Many businesses make their services more accessible by engaging more with their clients online and physically. You should meet your customers wherever they are and enhance in-context checkout. 

Additionally, simplify your marketing processes and campaigns to reach more clients. This is the time to think about more personalized campaigns that enhance customer experience. Think about using inflatable marketing tools or targeted and personalized adverts for every customer segment. Visit Glow Inflatables to learn more about marketing inflatables. 

Offer flexible shopping and payment options

This pandemic has hastened digital migration, meaning that all transactions are done online. With the declining in-store purchases, you should ensure your clients get the most seamless and flexible shopping and payment experience. 

Customers want to shop and pay faster without wasting time on your product listing pages. You can make it more convenient by including the option to buy now and pay in installments over time. This strategy is one of the best ways to improve customer loyalty even after the holiday season. 

Final thoughts

There is no denying that the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting global recession have shifted the retailing landscape. Whatever you do going forward should focus on improving customer experience. Create a brand awareness campaign today and adjust accordingly to the new normal to help you adapt and thrive. 

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