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A Guide To Yosemite National Park With Kids

Yosemite National Park is perhaps America’s most famous, besides Yellowstone, and offers some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. It’s long been a venue for keen explorers, but it is also a good place to take the kids. In fact, the park actively caters to their needs. 

Yosemite National Park

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While Yosemite might look epic from the pictures you see of it posted online, it is actually well-served by roads, car parks and visitor centres. It’s hard to get lost on all the waymarked trails and help is always available, if you need it.

So what should you be doing with children in Yosemite National Park? Let’s take a look. 

Explore The Giant Sequoias

While sequoias might not be the tallest trees in the world, they’re certainly the largest. Their trunks can grow to enormous sizes, making children look teeny by comparison. Some reach as high as 200 feet tall, making them spectacular to behold, particularly when you see them next to regular trees. 

Yosemite offers several sequoia groves, including Merced and Toulumne. Here, kids can find cones and perhaps paint and decorate them later. Just be warned: they’re surprisingly small for such an enormous tree. 

Sing Campfire Songs

While more tourists flock to Yosemite every year, it is still very much an outdoor adventure spot. And, for that reason, it has a rich camping heritage. Many people travelling to the region hire campervans beforehand and then take all the supplies they need with them for an epic trip. 

Singing campfire songs and roasting marshmallows is a popular pastime here. You can also join in the tradition of shouting “Elmer” after a boy got lost in the park sixty years ago. It remains strong to this day. 

Hike The Alpine Meadows

Hiking the Alpine Meadows in Yosemite can be a lot of fun. The scenery is beautiful, featuring stunning rivers, carved glacier domes, and beautiful wildlife. If you go a little further into the park, you’ll reach Tuolumne Meadows. The journey is worth it, thanks to the camp store, visitor centre, and camping ground. It offers all the supplies you need. 

Go To Half Dome Village For Icecream

What child doesn’t like ice cream? Fortunately, Yosemite National Park has it in spades. Perhaps the best place to get it is in Half Dome Village, known as Curry Village in the past. Vendors here are extremely generous with the portions they offer and scoop sizes. Once you have your ice creams, you can go and munch them near the cliff at Glacier Point. 

Take Them Ice Skating

During the winter, Yosemite can get so cold that even the waterfalls freeze over. However, it’s also a time the park comes alive, offering ice skating for all the family. 

For parents, though, the best part is often what comes afterward: a warm mug of cocoa. 

Hike The Waterfalls

Lastly, be sure to take a trip to the majestic waterfalls in the park. Bridalveil and Yosemite Falls are both worth the visit. They each have easy, kid-friendly hikes leading up to them. 

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