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Ultimate Guide To Goa With Children

Who doesn’t love enjoying a serene sight of sunset sitting on the beach, or indulging in some amazing water sports, or wandering in the vibrant flea markets? Well, then you need to be in Goa! This is the place that will help you bond with your family and friends. This small city has a variety of amusement activities in store for kids as well.  The city always acts as refreshment when one spends time with their children away from home. If you want to go on a trip with your kids for relaxation and excitement, then Goa is an ideal place where you need to rush.

Best time to visit Goa with kids

The best time to visit Goa is during the onset of autumn or during the spring season, that is, in the month of October and November till February. This is the most pleasant time to visit beaches and monuments of the city. Seaside always has a calm and serene climate during later half of the year, and it is too difficult to stay under the scorching sun between the months of March and June.


The monsoon season is not really safe to visit a seaside because of the heavy downpour and thunderstorm hitting the seashore. However, you can still enjoy your rainy season in Goa with your kids and let them experience the beauty of nature. So, it is preferable to visit Goa during autumn or spring or during the winter season.

Tips for visiting Goa with kids

Most of them believe that Goa is a romantic destination. But you must be clear about the fact that this place has something special to offer for each and every individual.

  • It is not just a place with great beaches but there are many museums, monuments, and forts where you can take your kids and let them gain knowledge about history and architecture.
  • Here your little ones can also enjoy water sports such as scuba-diving, para-sailing, boat ride, and much more.
  • Do not forget to taste the yummy fresh seafood of Goa.

What to pack for kids traveling in Goa?

Most of the things you need are available in the local markets of Goa. However, travelling should always be done in a prepared way. Some important things you must remember to take when you are in Goa with your children are: –

  •    A few essential things that you must carry are a hat, a good mosquito repellent and sun-screen. These are must when you are going for trekking or such adventurous activities.
  •    Next comes the first-aid kit that include Paracetamol, cream that prevents rash caused by the heat, band aids, cotton, and Dettol. 
  •    If you have a really small kid, then you must keep a baby carrier that makes you roam around conveniently.
  •    It is very important to carry all your documents with you when you are going on a trip. Identity proofs, photo ids, and emergency contact numbers are a must. Also, see that your kids carry a notepad or a paper with all phone numbers and hotel address on it.
  •    Do carry cash as well as plastic money with you when you are travelling. That is because some vendors will want you to pay cash while others would be okay with plastic money which are debit and credit cards.

Lifestyle & Culture of Goa

Goa is a small state situated on the west coast of India. It is a state which is considered to be the most westernized state of the country. It has been a Portuguese colony during British India and the inhabitants chose to carry the culture till day. You can get exposed to a mixture of cultures here including Goan, Portuguese, and even Konkani. Besides, the people here are modern and have broad minded approach to adopt anything new.

It is a place where you will find a lot of music lovers as well. You can also find people chanting folk tales and folk songs. Not to forget, lots of football lovers in Goa will give you energetic feel too. The state is concerned about maintaining a good environment and looks after the environmental issues with immediate action. And you will be surely impressed with them.

Goan Festivals : A Great mix of Crowd from different parts of the Globe!

Goa has people from different religions and all of them contribute their participation in every festival. The state is mainly known for the Goan festivals conducted every year. You will find people from different parts of the country and from different parts of the world participating and enjoying all of it to the fullest. Other than the carnivals Goa is also famous for its spring festival, popularly known as Shigmo.

Mesmerizing Nightlife of Goa!

The nightlife in Goa is the most mesmerizing fact. You will get to see a number of restaurants and bars on the Goan coasts. This is because of the number of tourists that visit the place time and again. It is considered to be the dream destination of many Indians and foreigners. Goa is the perfect destination for night parties and tasty seafood along with sweet refreshments for your kids. When you find all these at a very low price as compared to the other parts of the country then why not take the full advantage of it.

Architecture in Goa

When you visit Goa, you will find architecture that have has great Portuguese influence along with some Mughal touch and a hint of Indian influence. This is because of the long Portuguese reign in the small state. Most of the structures were established in the eighteenth century and still stand strong. A lot of the Goan houses open into a courtyard rather than a street, do not miss checking them out in old Goa. The houses are painted pastel or candy in color which made the entire town look more vibrant. Such architecture makes the town look pretty and beautiful.

Savor your taste buds with Goan Delicious food

When you are in Goa, seafood is must and when you get great delicacies such as crab, prawns, pork marinated in Goan gravies, along with a sweet pickle made of mango, then these are must-have things. You can also find many dishes made deliciously in coconut soup. Goans like to use coconut oil or coconut itself as the main ingredient in many of their main courses. The other ingredient which is commonly used is cashew nuts.

Two of the most popular Goan recipes enjoyed in different parts of the world are Sorpotel and Prawn Balchao. The food you get to eat in Goa is quite similar to that of Portuguese. It is mainly because of their long life of 450 years. One of the main ingredients you will find in Goa is toddy vinegar. You will find them made with freshly made spices and fresh sea fishes. Let your kids enjoy anything and everything they like to have when in Goa.

Beach adventures for kids in Goa

Goa is not only for romantic holidays. It has something more to offer to the kids. Let your children get the taste of some exciting activities such as parasailing, dolphin tours, go-karting, and splashdown water park. In addition to this, another great place to visit in Goa is Dudhsagar waterfalls. Also, do not miss taking your kids to visit the butterfly sanctuary.  When in Goa, you always have the option of checking out the big Arabian Sea. You can also explore scuba diving with your kids and swim into the clear sea water of Goa.

Shopping markets in Goa 

Goa is famous for vibrant colors which are closely linked with the fashion, food and culture and music of the place. Take your children to Panjim, which is the capital of the state. Here you can find many malls and markets. You can visit different flea markets that come to life during the night in Goa. Anjuna market is a popular one. You should definitely visit the Ingo’s Saturday night market of the state.

How to travel to Goa?

There are a number of travel options you will get to visit Goa. You can either take a flight, train or bus or even a rented car to enjoy a long drive. If you are not from India then you will surely need a visa to fly to Goa. The most important things to keep in mind before visiting Goa is make your arrangements beforehand. This is a popular tourist location of India, and making reservations in advance will save you later.

Where to stay in Goa?

One of the main confusions among tourists is where to stay in Goa? Firstly, you must decide whether you will visit North Goa or the south part of it. Every part of the city provides you with a number of hotels for different groups of people. The north part of Goa is livelier and this is good when you are travelling with kids. The big and popular markets of Goa are situated in the north part as well.


So, get your bags packed and set your journey to explore the most amazing places of this country.


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