Activities to Strengthen your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Almost all of our interactions in life require use of our hands. There are many ways we’re taught as a child to make sure that we develop what we call fine motor skills – continued practice of our small hand and arm muscles. It also requires the use of our brains to know how to hold certain items and to use them.

From this girls private school in Surrey, here are some great ways you can train your child into using their motor skills that are fun and educational.

Water play

Water play can be done in multiple ways. You can blow up a paddling pool in your back garden and let your child play with toys in the water – key ways that you child will be able to practice holding toys and using their fingers. Simple ways of letting children play with water include letting them use cups to fill up with water, pouring water and splashing water around.

Water play improves the child’s senses by understanding texture, sounds and smells as well as their fine motor skills.

Puzzles and board games

Picking up small pieces to make a puzzle or to move points on a board improves your child’s grip and handling. Puzzles should be done together to allow your child to learn how to put the pieces together with supervision, as there’s a tendency for kids to put pieces in their mouth, but it all pays off in the end. Persevere with your child when they’re playing games like these, as it all aids towards fine tuned motor skills.

Painting, colouring and drawing

All of these are great ways for your child to get involved in making art. Holding paint brushes, colouring pencils, pens and sketching pencils will give your child the chance to practice how to keep a grip. These activities are also key for helping your child to develop their hand-eye coordination.


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