How Perfumes Can Attract

As a man, there is much that can be done to assist with creating an attraction where a female companion is concerned. There are perfumes, for instance, that contain Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate. Pheromone products are known to attract women. So, this article will look at the ways perfumes attract another because of their smell and due to their hidden pheromone properties, which stir up an irresistible urge in those that come into contact with them, that is just hard to resist.


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A human’s olfactory membrane will play a part in subconsciously smelling another. It is about identifying whether a potential partner is giving off a favourable odour. It is about assessing the pheromones of another that are so important when it comes to physical and sexual attraction. It is the same with animals looking for a mating partner. With perfumes, we are artificially creating a scent that we believe will be pleasing to another who smells it. The principal is that we all like something pleasant to smell and know when we are not getting that. It can be a case of masking unpleasant smells by overpowering them with something pleasant and distinctively recognizable.

The idea of wanting to smell pleasant things dates back to the Victorian period at least when ladies of a higher class would carry silver vinaigrettes on their person which contained a scented piece of material. It would be a way of making the undesirable smells of the street bearable. Today, we wear that perfume on our bodies. It not just masks body odour but provides a pleasing smell to others. We all have our favourite scents.

Hidden Properties

Perfumes can contain hidden properties that will help with attraction. For instance, pheromone products containing the ingredient androstenone help with sexual attraction and help boost a man’s confidence. They give man the edge when it comes to making themselves desirable to a female companion. That is not to say that we all need that but it does not help to have pheromones on your side. Anything that can boost desirability has to be a good thing. First impressions are important and once you have established that relationship it can then be a long-lasting one of continued desirability.


Wearing perfumes can be viewed as making an effort. It is the idea that we want to smell nice for another. This immediately creates an attraction because of the thought that we are looking to please someone. It then begs the question as to what other ways and means we will use to also please them. It is this kind of anticipation that fuels attraction. The pent up energy of attraction has to be released at some point.

Topic of Conversation

If you often find yourself stuck for conversation, or worse still for an opening line, then the perfume that you wear can start a conversation off. Straight away you are then complimenting each other on your choices. You will be finding out the brand of perfume your opposite number has on and so know just what to buy her as a present. You can choose whether to mention that your perfume contains pheromones. Your reason for dating may well be what your female companion had in mind anyway. The dessert may then come sooner than you could have hoped for.

So, perfumes can be attractive because of the nice aromas that they give off, the pheromones which are known to attract another of the same species but opposite gender, and because of the effort shown by wearing them. Also, they can start a conversation off and make it clear to everyone your reasons for going on the date. If we do not want to be quite so obvious, it will be fun finding out just what pheromones can do for us.

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