Affording Your New Car!

Everyone wants a brand new and shiny car to travel around in, but getting to the point of being able to afford it isn’t always smooth sailing. You want to be able to get behind the wheel of a car that’s all yours (used or new), and you want to be able to afford the new car, too. You don’t always have to buy a vehicle outright, though, and that’s important to know.

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You may need a car for convenience, or you may need it for leisure trips up and down the country with your weekends. It’s easy to think about the vehicle you’ll cruise in, but it’s not easy to consider how you’re going to pay for it. So, let’s check out the ways that you can start to consider affording your new car.

Dealership Finance

Did you know that most dealerships will offer you finance, such as https://www.lrc4x4.co.uk/finance.php? Wherever you buy your car from, you shouldn’t have a problem looking at the finance options available for your particular vehicle. Financing your vehicle can come in many different ways, but it’s going to help you to work out what you can afford each month on finance and go from there.

Personal Lease

You can choose a fixed amount to pay on a personal lease. However, you don’t own the car, and you will need to either extend the lease or you give the car back at the end.

PCP = Personal Contract Plan

Usually, these cost less each month, but rather than paying the main price for your car, you agree to pay the amount of cash between the sale price of the car and the resale price. At the end of the plan, you need to hand the car back. If you want to keep it, you pay the resale price!

Personal Loans

You can take out a loan to afford your car, but many people prefer not to go for the personal loan route. You would need to have good credit, and you’d need to think about how you would plan to pay off the car if you lost your job.

Those options above will help you to get the car that you want, but you also need to think about saving money when you have the car that you choose. You can be more economical in your choices of car size, the best fuel, and how much you plan to drive. The longer you drive, the more you spend money on your car. You can also save money by choosing pre-reg vehicles. These cars are brand new and bought at a discount with the dealership. 

Lastly, you can save money on your new car by selling your old one. You can also look at exchanging your car with your dealership and paying the difference in a new one. It’s a great way to save some cash, and your vehicle will be one that you love off the lot! There are savings to be made: go and make them!


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