Avoid These Summer Family Road Trip Mistakes

Avoid These Summer Family Road Trip Mistakes

There are countless summer family road trip mistakes you can make on your next adventure. But some are more egregious than others because they can ruin your trip or be dangerous.

Failing to Arrange Cover

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It doesn’t matter how old, new, or prestigious your car is. All cars are at risk of breaking down, even fancy new ones, whether electric or traditional. So it’s essential to arrange some kind of cover in case you end up being stranded at the side of the road. You can do this with services such as AAA and insurance companies. But some manufacturers offer this too, such as Jaguar assistance for newer Jaguars that are still guaranteed under the manufacturer warranty service.

Not Enough Entertainment

As a parent, you know how quickly your bundle of joy can become a nightmare if they aren’t completely happy in the back of the car. So to avoid having your seat kicked for five hours, try bringing something entertaining for the kids. Mobile devices are great for games and movie streaming. Or you could install an in-car entertainment system for them to watch. But of course, not all kids like these, so simple car games such as I-Spy can be enough for younger kids.

Family Road Trip Mistakes Includes Weather

A colossal yet very easy mistake to make is neglecting to check the weather before you plan your trip. As you are well aware, the weather can change at the drop of a hat. And for longer trips, it is very unpredictable. One minute it’s glorious sunshine, and the next, you’re facing golf ball hailstones. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to check the weather. There are tons of smartphone apps and websites. And even some in-car GPS systems will warn you of any income changes.

Not Planning Rest Stops

A long trip can be exhausting, and excitement turns to fear when someone needs to do their business quickly. Therefore it is vital that you plan to stop along your route. GPS and even good old maps can help you with this. And some systems allow you to insert these along your route and remind you when you are coming close. This also gives the driver a safe place to take a breather and for everyone to deal with their own personal issues, such as car sickness.

Forgetting Emergency Supplies

You can’t predict what will happen when taking a trip. And you can find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Or as part of some terrible accident. So you must take emergency supplies to help in any event. Food, water, and blankets are the bare minimum. But a fully charged spare phone, emergency lights or flares, and a first aid kit are essential. Any of these could mean the difference between making out safely or being too afraid to travel again for the rest of your life.


It is believed that more than eight hours in a car is stressful. You can reduce this by avoiding family road trip mistakes such as no cover, no entertainment, and no emergency supplies.

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