4 Amazing Gifts For An Older Teenage Daughter

4 Amazing Gifts For An Older Teenage Daughter

A moment of honesty: dealing with teenagers, especially your daughters, can be quite challenging! As they transition from childhood to adulthood, your child slowly lets go of their child-like wonder, making it difficult to keep them impressed. Therefore, it is no wonder you’re freaking out about what to get your teenage daughter for her birthday! How can you give your daughter a gift she would cherish and feel you understand her? There’s no need to fret because you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few awesome gifts to consider giving your older teenage daughter on her birthday!

A skincare and makeup kit


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As your teen grows up, she may have shown an interest in skincare and makeup. If that’s the case, giving her a skincare and makeup kit on her birthday is perfect. Consider gifting her with beauty tools such as makeup brushes, facial sponges, or a magnifying mirror. On the other hand, getting her items such as mascara, lipstick and lip gloss, eyeliners, face masks, and hydrating eye patches are a great way to introduce her to skincare and makeup and pique her interest.

A cute aesthetic bedside lamp 

Teenagers love their bedroom space as their own private, safe space and where they spend most of their time. So, it’s no surprise they are quite particular about the decor and ambiance of the space. Why not add to this by getting them a cute bedside lamp? To ensure you get the right one, you should know the theme of your child’s room decor so your gift can be a soothing addition. You can also explore Pinterest for fun ideas on which lamps to get and browse through Etsy to find a unique piece.

An instant digital camera

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Memories are what make the teenage years enjoyable. Although cell phones can help you capture all those precious moments, there’s always something special about having hardcopies at bay. Not only do they last through the ages, but your teen can decorate their space with these fond memories or store them in albums and scrapbooks. Therefore, consider getting your teen an instant digital camera on their birthday to mark the day with a gift they would appreciate for a long time!

Buy her a car

If your daughter has recently passed her driving test, and your budget allows for it, consider getting her a car! Getting your child a car offers them convenience, builds their confidence, makes them more independent, and gives them some freedom. On the other hand, it does make them feel more responsible and gives them a test of adulthood. Before you purchase a car for your teen, there are several considerations you must make. For instance, it is important to manage their expectations. You can talk to them to determine what kind of car they want. Or, you can take the more direct approach of going through online car sales with your child for them to select their preferred options. You should also ensure that they have completed they have passed their driver’s test, are licensed, and are confident behind the wheel.  

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