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I have been involved in the education sphere for over 10 years now and this time of year I would often get a lot of questions on preparing for returning or starting college. However this is a start/ return like no other and tech will really be at the forefront of this and  choosing the right college tech is going to be more important than ever before. Irish brand Mint+, one of Ireland’s leading providers in smartphones and home tech has revealed five top tips for students to consider when purchasing their college tech essentials. They have very kindly let me reproduce these tips below.  Check out www.mintplus.ie for a wide range of back to college  tech offers including, ipads, iphones, smart watches, home tech and more!

Mint+ Back to College Tech Tips include;

  • Memory – Make sure to buy a laptop or iPad that will stand the test of time. Remember whatever you buy needs to last for the duration of the course, so when buying a brand new laptop or refurbished iPad make sure it has enough storage space to store all your college assignments, lecture notes and whatever else needed over the duration of your course. Saving your files down on the cloud will keep documents  safe for years to come and free up some extra space on your device.

Mint+ Top Tip if buying an iPad make sure it has at least 64GB space to  ensure you don’t run out of storage space any time soon.

  • Size – While it looks unlikely that university students will be returning to lecture halls anytime soon, buying a lightweight, transportable iPad or laptop is important to ensure you get the most use out of any device. There is nothing worse than having to carry a heavy laptop or an iPad that does not fit in your bag. If your iPad or laptop makes your college day a little bit more awkward, the likelihood of it being left at home is high!

Mint+ Top Tip Buy a small iPad or laptop that is easy to transport and is lightweight.

  • Functionality – Be logical when choosing a new device, buying the latest and greatest products on the market can get very expensive. Buying an older model of an iPad saves a lot of money but does not downgrade the quality of the device. The latest advances in laptop and iPad technology aren’t huge and you won’t notice the differences in a model that is slightly older in comparison to a brand-new device.

Mint+ Top Tip – Do some research into the device your thinking of investing in before purchasing.  Compare the functionalities of brand-new devices with devices that are a few years older. Differences between slightly older devices and brand-new devices are not huge and buying the latest models on the market may not be worth spending money on.

  • Think Green – Like fast fashion, technology and the production of smartphones and other devices has a huge impact on the natural environment. Buying refurbished or pre-owned devices can not only save a lot of money, but also helps protect the environment. Pre-owned and refurbished devices have a considerably lower impact on the environment as they do not require the same amount of natural resources, human manpower or international airfreight as brand new devices require.

Mint+ Top Tip – When buying pre-owned or refurbished devices make sure you buy from an experienced retailer who offers you a warranty and is established in the consumer electronics/refurbished device market.

  • Guarantee – Always look for a guarantee with any tech product purchased. It’s not common but faults can occur from time to time, a guarantee will confirm that the manufacturer will repair or replace an item, if a fault occurs within a certain time frame after purchase.

Mint+ Top Tip – All Mint+ iPads and phones come with a one year warranty.

Hoping to ease the financial strain for one lucky student, Mint+ has launched its ‘Back to School Product Bungle Giveaway’, where one lucky student will win all their college tech worth €2,000. The Mint+ bundle giveaway includes a brand-new Apple iPhone 11, an iPad Mini 4, an OtterBox Cover of your choice, Beats by Dre Solo 3 Headphones, Smarter ikettle, an Apple Watch Series 3 and lastly a Google Wifi Home Router, which will ensure the transition of back to college is that little bit easier!

To enter is simple, check out @Mintplus.ie on Instagram and Facebook for details, competition is open until the 30th of September.  Wonder could I enter?!!! What a great prize.

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