How to Deal with Panic Attacks

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A panic attack can arrive without warning, and before you know it, your heart is racing and your hands are trembling. If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms, you know how crippling they can be, and finding relief can be just as difficult as dealing with the attack itself. Many prescription treatment options come with risks and side effects that could cause more harm than good. Over the counter anxiety medication, on the other hand, is an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of a panic attack without incurring any adverse effects. This treatment offers the stability that anxiety sufferers often seek but don’t find in pharmaceutical options.

Keep Yourself Grounded

If you’ve spent any time researching anxiety medication reviews, you know that homeopathic supplements are a safe and effective option. When coupled with strategic coping techniques, an all-natural anxiety solution can empower you to keep your panic attacks under control. This is an incredible tool for anybody who struggles with specific triggers such as social situations, caffeine consumption, or memories of traumatic events. If you’re one of these people, you can work towards gaining control over your anxiety by practicing grounding techniques. This strategy involves connecting with your surroundings in an effort to avoid an impending panic attack.

When electricity is grounded, the negative electrical charge of the ground is utilized to absorb excess electricity that may otherwise cause injury. This principle is similar to psychological grounding. By tapping into the environment around you, you can vent your own anxiety, allowing it to leave your body. Successfully using this type of strategy can take practice, but when done correctly, it’s an effective way to minimize the symptoms of panic attacks before they cause impairment. Many people start by simply making note of their surroundings — for example, identifying things they see, hear, taste, or smell.

Practice Mindfulness

Grounding isn’t the only coping technique that you can use to combat a panic attack. Many people also rely on mindfulness practices in order to regain their composure — and, in fact, the two techniques can even be used together. To engage in mindfulness, you should start by identifying your intention. In the event of a panic attack, this may be achieving calmness. You can then work through a guided exercise that will help you reach your intention. This often entails some strategic introspection in which you identify your own feelings and their root cause. In this way, mindfulness is similar to grounding — it’s just directed inward rather than outward.

In order to practice any coping mechanism, though, you need to reach a baseline of mental clarity. This can be difficult when you’re already struggling through an attack. Over the counter calming pills can help you keep panic attacks under control so that it’s easier to de-escalate an event before it feels uncontainable. By using an antibody that targets the protein associated with anxiety and hyperactivity — S100B — natural medication provides safe and substantial relief. You don’t have to live in constant fear of panic attacks.

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