Cycling: How will things change post-lockdown?

Cycling: How will things change post-lockdown?

By Catherine Bedford, Dashel

Cycling has become more popular than ever during lockdown, as people dusted off their old bikes to enjoy the outdoors when they are taking their daily exercise. Now, with people returning to work, increasing numbers of are planning to commute by bike. This is great to avoid using public transport and spares using the car. 

But how is cycling likely to change as we enter this new normal?

Will it stay popular? 


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Yes, I think that once people realise the benefits of cycling, they’ll be happy to continue. Firstly, if you’re cycling to work, you’re getting your daily exercise in the time when you’d previously have been sat on a bus or a train. This, in turn, saves you time going to the gym in the evening, freeing up time for you to spend with loved ones. 

Secondly, people are happier in their locality when cycling. As they move more slowly through their commute; they can learn more about the local area, spy shops and cafes that they might like to visit or find a green spot that they might like to go to with family at the weekend. You can also get some good old-fashioned fresh air.

Staying safe 

It’s vital to be safe and being as visible as possible to other road users is essential. But this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Cyclists should ensure they’re legal and as safe as they can be while sticking within their budgets. For example, you don’t have to be clad head-to-foot in day-glow to be seen – a high-visibility sash that you can wear over your coat, and costs as little as around £8.00, will still ensure you’re seen.

Helmets are extremely important for safety. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional helmet shapes, there are some nice stylish ones out there these days!

New cyclists may not have realised that there are more routes than they’d have imagined where they can cycle away from cars. These cycle lanes really help keep you safe!

Will cycling fashion change?

I think that as people cycle more there will be a move towards more natural fibres. This will help ensure that they don’t arrive at their destination hot and sweaty. People will be far keener to wear cotton than polyester, for example. 

Already popular is wicking fabrics, which are breathable and help to wick away sweat. You may be surprised how much wicking fabric you already own. The chances are your trendy yoga gear is fine for getting on a bike with.  

I’d always go for comfort over fashion but, if you want to be a fashionable cyclist, there’s plenty of great, stylish fashion-wear out there and I think as people get more used to cycling as a way of life, they’ll find their own cycling style. Also, when new cyclists realise how much money they’re saving on travel expenses, they might start to invest those savings in specialist or stylish kit. 

I have one thing to say to all of you new and returning cyclists: Enjoy!

Catherine Bedford is Founder of Dashel. Dashel offers a range of slim, ventilated, lightweight cycle helmets manufactured in the UK. With a distinctive urban feel Dashel Helmets are made from recyclable materials – ensuring that they are low impact at the point of manufacture and produce very little waste at the end of life. The new Re-Cycle helmet will be ground down into new helmets at the UK factory when it is finished with. The helmets are portable, sold packaged in a handy rucksack that means there is no superfluous packaging. They come in an array of classic colours. Choose from black, blue, sage green and red. Dashel helmets are £79 and available from all good cycle shops and online at Dashel.co.uk

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