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Creating a Happy Space for Your Little One

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Finding out you are expecting a baby is such an exciting time. Whether it is the first or your fifth, making plans and getting excited about your new bundle is what it is all about. One of the things to consider with your baby is what you are going to have the baby nursery look like. You might want to go for a classic look, a more modern style, or perhaps something unique and more vintage or boho. Here are some ideas and tips to help you to decorate the baby’s nursery, so that it is not only a practical space, but a space that is happy and safe for your little one.

Use primary colours

No matter the gender of your baby, primary colours work well. You can choose bright and bold options, as well as pastel versions of the primary colours in order to make the room look cosy and friendly. If your little one will be sharing a room with a sibling, then this can also be a good option for all.

If you are looking for a colour scheme that will work as your baby becomes a toddler and then becomes a tween, then choosing a monochromatic look could work well. You can accessorize with prints and wall stickers adding pops of colour, but keeping the base the same will help the room last and last and mean that you don’t have to redecorate every couple of years. 

Practical storage

There is no getting away from it that babies and children need a lot of stuff. So to make the nursery a great space to be, adding in some practical storage is a must, unless you want clutter and toys everywhere. Some great ideas for storage, that aren’t just typical toy boxes or shelving units, can be things like an Ottoman-style stool or a window seat with storage underneath. Sometimes you just need some items to be out of sight and out of mind!

Add personality with framed art

Instead of getting the walls in a bright colour or getting bright bedspreads, you could choose to add personality with framed art. If you’re not keen on big and bright Thomas the Tank Engine bedding, then go for framed prints of the engines, so that your little one still gets to see their favourite things, just in a more classic way. These can then be easily changed as the child gets older, adding in some Pro Hart art or perhaps artwork that they themselves have created. It will also help when they’re a teenager to use frames for their displays, rather than sticking bluetack all over the walls.

The key thing with a nursery is that you want to create it to last. Babies grow quickly, and before you know it, they’ll be a toddler, and you don’t want to keep having to redecorate. Thnk comfort and think longevity, and that will help as you create a bedroom space that will work well and that will grow with your little one. 

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