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Paj Finder Portal 4G Review

I have spoken about this during our renovation works, my husband has worked in the construction industry for many years. A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to test out the Paj Power Finder 4G I didn’t hesitate as I knew we would really be able to put this device through its paces.

The Paj Power Finder is part of a new generation of GPS tracker that utilise the 4G network. There are many different types of trackers in the Paj range. The device comes with a built in sim card and when combined with the monthly subscription can be used in over 100 countries world wide.  For the more tech amongst us I have set out a screen shot of the tech specifications opposite.

Some of the key features include:

  • multi use device, can be fixed to many types  of vehicles such as cars, mobile homes, trailers, machinery
  • 60-90 days stand by battery
  • magnetic attachment
  • SIM card already in finder
  • USB charging
  • operating manual available online.
  • monthly subscription
  • motion/ shake alarm
  • Drop alarm
  • Radius alarm
  • speed alarm
  • low battery alarm
  • User friendly app with real time alerts

Our Review

Delivery of the device was super quick and arrived DHL within a few days.  I was a little nervous about whether id master setting it up on not but I need not have been, it was so easy.  As advised I let the device charge for 8 hours. The sim card was already in the device so I just had to remove the casing to switch it on and I followed the advice and took it outside and it connected quickly to the 4G  network. While the device was charging I registered the device on the Paj Finder Portal which again was quick and easy following the instructions, which I must say were really clear.tracking device

The Power Finder 4G had some features which really appealed to us knowing that our plan was to affix it to machinery, the motion/ shake alarm in particular as machines are more portable.  To give you an example, the machine which we fixed the device to was stored in a shed, a cycle bike accidently pushed against the digger  which triggers a real time alert to my phone to say the device  had a motion/ shake.  To us this was really impressive, the sensitivity of the device to this movement.

We were able to set a radius of motion which meant we could keep using the machine while working without triggering the device or having to switch it off. The accuracy of the GPS is excellent and the notification in real time via push notification in the app and also via email makes it easy to stay on top of alerts.

We loved :

  • easy of set up
  • live tracking
  • real time alerts via app and email
  • good value subscription
  • durable

One thing and it really only is one thing is the magnet wasn’t very strong on a older machine which has had lots of use, for example oil, dust etc spilled on it.

All in all I can highly recommend the Paj finder, its very easy to use, battery life is excellent and the mobile app alerts has worked perfect for us to date.


Note: We were sent the Finder for review but all view are our own.



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