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Choosing the perfect outdoor canopy

It could not be a more perfect time of year to turn your attention to some garden improvements such as the addition of an outdoor canopy. I have been lusting after a pop up canopy for a long time and the recent good weather spell has made us see how useful one would be for shelter in the really warm weather and the converse is also true if the weather is really bad it means the kids are sheltered and don’t have to come in out of the rain.  One huge plus for us is that it effectively increases the footprint of the house extending out into the garden.

So you have decided to invest in an outdoor canopy, what are some of the key considerations you need to keep in mind when making that decision. Below I have set out some useful advise.

  • Something portable 

Pic Credit Costoffs

Speaking from experience, if like us you have a young family and pets you will want something portable.  Something that can be put up in seconds and put away then if needs be.  Following our own research it was clear what we needed was a pop up canopy. A pop up canopy as its name suggest literally pops up and you have it set up in mere minutes making it extremely handy.  It can provide shelter for pets, a safe play area for kids or a sun/ rain shelter for adults.

  • Reputable supplier 

When you have decided a pop up canopy is for you,  you need to consider your supplier carefully.   If you are spending the money on garden improvements, you will want to get good value and best functionality for your money.  We stumbled across Costoffs which which are an e furniture brand founded in 2020 which specialise in home and office furniture.  They also impressively offer free shipping & delivery and 24 hours after sales service….now that is impressive.

  • Functionality

After undertaking much research we were most impressed with the Costoffs pop up canopy, size wise at 3m * 3m is a really good size for most back gardens.  The major selling point for us was that it is waterproof and UV proof making it importantly suitable for all seasons which is very important, as mentioned above especially with kids and pet. Also critically is is CPAI-84 fireproof.  Also at $146.99 with free delivery you really could not go wrong.

I simply will not compromise on safety features when it comes to my kids so this pop up canopy really ticked all the boxes for us.  I see from their website that orders are currently arriving in 10-15 working days.

Do take a look at the blog posts on the Costoffs webpage as there is a wealth of information on choosing your canopy.  As mentioned above they don’t just sell canopies they have a huge range of good quality indoor and outdoor furniture.  With so many of us now working from home they do stock a very wide range of office furniture and chairs, which is exactly what is next on my list….

Note: This is a collaborative post

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