Seven Ways to Find the Perfect Care Home for Your Loved One

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Choosing a nursing home represents an extremely important life event. As each facility is associated with its own unique attributes, it can be difficult to find one which matches the discrete needs of your loved one. Let’s look at seven suggestions in order to take the guesswork out of the equation.

What is the Purpose of the Home?

Firstly, determine what is important in terms of long-term care. Examples include hospice, physical rehabilitation, social interactions, and care for dementia. These criteria are crucial if you hope to make an informed decision. 

Speak with Friends and Family Members

Always obtain the opinions of others; particularly those who are familiar with your loved one. The chances are high that they will be able to provide an objective opinion; helping you to narrow down the number of options at your disposal while still addressing primary care needs. 

Talk to Patients

Every nursing home claims to offer the best services to its patients. However, we need to remember that some are better than others. This is why it is a good idea to speak with the patients themselves. Ask them about their experiences and the quality of care that they are receiving. Not only will this provide you with valuable insight, but it might even be possible to develop a few friendly connections before your loved one is admitted. 

Visit the Facility

Take some time to visit multiple nursing homes with your friend or family member. Ask them how they feel about the facilities. If possible, take a guided tour so that you can get a better idea about what to expect. Here are some questions to ask along the way:

  • What types of monitoring services are present?
  • What is the overall physical state of the property?
  • Can those with mobility issues access all portions of the complex?
  • Are residents provided with regular access to outdoor areas (such as parks and gardens)?

Talk with Staff Members

In the event that your love done has specific physical or emotional requirements, encourage them to speak with on-site staff. They can clarify their concerns and determine if the facility in question is the best option. 

Examine the Nearby Surroundings

What attractions are found close to the facility? Assuming that your loved one can participate in day trips, this is crucial. Such a strategy is also a great approach if your family member is afraid of becoming disconnected with the outside world. 

Ask Plenty of Questions

Finally, never be afraid to ask additional questions. It may be wise to make an itemised list so that you can cover all bases when speaking with a staff member. 

Thankfully, reputable care homes such as Eastleigh nursing home in Somerset has developed a highly personalised approach with their residents. Their ultimate goal is to provide a seamless transition while still ensuring that your loved one receives the care that he or she deserves.  

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