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Hall, stairs and landing – renovation tips

We are so close to completion, I can almost feel. The very last piece of what has been a very large and complicated jigsaw puzzle will hopefully fit into place very soon. The last room we have to tackle is not so much a room but one of the key elements of the home. Its the first point of entry, it the thoroughfare to all other rooms. Naturally it gets a huge amount of traffic and with a house of men, it can at times be filled with sports gear, work boots and the school bags.

hall and stairs

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One tip I have learned throughout this mammoth renovation was to leave this room until the very end, for the very reason I set out above and below. As the renovations progressed on the other rooms, the hall had tonnes of traffic from the various different trades lugging tools, wood and other materials up and down the stairs.  Inevitably walls got scuffed, skirting damaged and door architrave strained.  I am very glad I listened to the Dada Fairy!  Before we commenced the major renovation works he insisted we leave this space until all else is done.  Admittedly I reluctantly agreed.   I suppose I really didn’t appreciate the traffic this area would get and the rough and tumble that would come with the movement of so many bodies and materials around it.  But I am very glad I did listen!!

Top Tips

So with the above finally drawing to a conclusion. Its time for the hall and landing to get its makeover.  Aside from the above of leaving it to the very end, some other useful tips I have picked up along the way include:

  • Washable paint – you will thank me later. Honestly well worth the extra spend especially if like me you have little hands who prefer to use walls than the bannister
  • Give time and consideration to the type of skirting and architrave you want.  Just to show how clueless I am about this I thought there was only one standard type! However there are lots of different options, including different materials and sizes. You can even get custom built and designed skirting!
  • Take samples home, I cant stress the importance of this enough. Something can look brilliant in the large, bright and airy showroom but take it home and it can swamp a space.
  • While there are lots of “how to” you tube tutorial available. If you aren’t DIY minded consult an expert. Its isn’t the easiest of task when you factor in the stairs, corners etc.
  • Take your time… its the first point of entry for guests to you house so make this space count!!


Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control
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