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How to Plan an Unforgettable Family Road Trip

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Road trips are romantic, fun-filled and exciting ways to travel and expose your children to new and interesting parts of the world – whether you stay in your country or you choose to cross some borders. They also require a certain level of planning in order to go off without a hitch, and its the purpose of this article to help you extract the best experience from your family road trip. From the vehicle itself to what you should pack and where you should go, weve got you covered when it comes to road trip planning.

The Car

The most essential component of your road trip is, of course, the car you choose to drive in. Some families already have the perfect vehicle at their disposal, while others prefer their traditional family car to stay home. If youre in the latter camp, youll be able to search for used cars to buy on finance online, securing yourself a great deal on the deal family wagon to take to the roads. Before you set off, do a comprehensive check of your vehicle, and make sure the oil and water is filled up for the kilometers youll soon be eating up.

Keep your car interior neat and tidy. One easy way is seat protection for all those crumbs, spills, dirt particles, and anything. Find protective seat covers that fit your car and are comfortable for those hours on the road. Organizers, dash covers, and other accessories can make the task easier too.

Documents and Policies

Depending on the level of ambition your road trip has assumed, youll need to secure a number of policies and documents before you set off. Youll, of course, want insurance that covers your trip, and the breakdown cover thatll provide peace-of-mind should the unthinkable happen. If youre crossing borders, youll almost certainly need some paperwork in order to do so; search online for what you’ll need to avoid any last-minute frantic searches or any long waits at border crossings. Travel insurance is also recommended if you are going further afield on your road trip.



Pic Credit: Pixabay

If youre road tripping with your family, youll know that you shouldnt attempt any monster 10-hour drives for risk of causing bedlam in the back seats. Instead, take it slow and schedule regular stops in order for you all to stretch your legs, have some food and drink, and see the places that youre driving through. Make sure that youve booked ahead the hotels youre planning on staying in, and dont overstretch yourselves – road trips shouldnt be stressful, they should be liberating. Your children will quickly rebel if they feel the trip is no fun.

What to Pack

Aside from the essentials, your packing should largely take into account what youll be able to bring to entertain your kids. You might choose to download films onto an iPad, or to buy some CDs or audiobooks thatll be entertaining for all the family. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks so that the family is refreshed and well-fed throughout, and bring all the equipment you expect you might need for the places your visiting – be that beach stuff, warm winter clothing, or even a tent and stove for families who love to adventure in the great outdoors.


Family road trips are some of the most memorable holiday options available; make yours a success by fully considering the tips above.

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