Helping Your Child Choose their GCSEs

Choosing GCSE subjects is an exciting milestone for children; however it can cause a mixture of emotions. It is exciting because children now have the chance to tailor their education around what they enjoy and what they are good at, but it can also cause feelings of anxiety because children worry about how their choices will affect their future.

An independent college in Bath believes that parental support is one of the most important factors at this time. They have helped to put together this helpful advice to help your children with their GCSE choices…



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If your child is feeling worried about choosing their GCSEs it is important to take some time to reassure them. Help them to think positively about this new chapter in their education. Remind them that it is an exciting opportunity to focus on the subjects they enjoy the most. The subjects they choose now could even help to form the foundations of their future career.


Talk to your child about their options and discuss their favourite and least favourite subjects. This is really important when choosing their GCSEs, because enjoyment of a subject will lead to the best results. It is also a good idea to talk about what they wish to do after school, such as university or a particular career interest. These kinds of conversations will prompt your child to think about their academic strengths and how they could benefit their future.


If your child does have a particular career interest, it can be helpful to research the qualifications required in order to secure a role in that industry. However, it is also important to encourage your child to select a variety of subjects to help them explore and develop a wide range of skills. In doing so, they are keeping their options open in case they change their mind about their career later on.

One of the best things you can do for your child to help them decide on their GCSE’s is collect as much information as possible. Relevant information from the school and online research will help to make the decision making process as stress free as possible. 

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