Top Tips for Making Homework More Fun for Your Child

It isn’t always easy to encourage your child to do their homework; however there are ways that parents can help to make home learning feel more fun.

Follow these helpful strategies from an independent school in Essex to help motivate your child to do their homework…

Create a study space

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To help your child feel organised and inspired to learn, you could create a special space in your home for them to study. Set up a desk area with storage, new stationary and craft supplies. This will help to make the idea of homework seem much more fun. It can also be useful to add a family calendar to the wall to keep track of school activities and events. Your child can use this calendar to add their homework deadlines and any upcoming exam dates.

Join in

Share ‘study time’ with your son or daughter by using it as an opportunity to catch up on some of your own tasks. You could even take an online learning class or use the time for a creative hobby. Sit together in the same room as your child while they complete homework and bring a bowl of snacks to enjoy together. This will not only mean that you are close by if they need your help, but it will also make ‘study time’ feel special.

Make memories

If your child is studying a particular topic at school, you could help to make their learning more fun by organising an educational day out. This could be to a museum, art gallery or a local park. Learning outside of school offers a number of benefits to your child’s education and it will also help to inspire them. Furthermore, a fun family day out will allow you to make some lasting memories.

Show your support

Finally, the more supported a child feels at home, the better you will find they perform at school. Help your child to value their education by demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning. Show your support at home by helping with school projects, quizzing your child on school topics, finding interesting documentaries to watch and praising your child for their school achievements.

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