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Helping Your Child Make New Friends

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While lots of children are very outgoing and sociable, many other children find the social aspect of school quite challenging. Lots of kids prefer to spend time alone, reading or playing video games. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but social interactions are also an important part of your child’s development. Parents can help their children develop various social skills and encourage them to make new friends, as explored below by a junior school in the Cotswolds.

Start by teaching your youngsters a multitude of conversation starters to help get them out of awkward silences when they meet someone new at school. Beginning a conversation with certain people can be tough no matter what age you are, so teaching your kids some useful prompts will really help get them out of sticky situations and make new friends. Some examples of conversation starters are:

  • “What’s your favourite film/tv show?” 
  • “Do you play any sports/musical instruments?”
  • “I like your t-shirt/dress”

You should always be a good role model to your child when it comes to helping them learn different skills and behaviours. For instance, if you want them to be kind and considerate to others, then you must always be kind and considerate to others as well. You are your child’s biggest influence and they will often mimic your behaviour. Demonstrate confidence, curiosity and excellent manners when talking to people so that your child can learn appropriate ways to converse.

Try and encourage your child to interact with others as much as possible from a young age. Suggest some extra-curricular clubs your child could join and let them invite some of their classmates round for a playdate. It’s important for children to get to know one another in a familiar setting where they feel comfortable and at ease. 


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