Signs It Is Time To Call An Emergency Electrician

Sometimes we don’t know what constitutes an electrical emergency – especially if there doesn’t seem to be much going on. However, there are a few big indicators that you need to call your local emergency electrician asap. One thing we did when we moved was have our emergency on call utilities emails and phone numbers to hand so that in the event of an emergency you can easily source the contact details. There are also sites like www.totallyampedelectrical.co.nz  who can provide you with a range of numbers in case you are finding it difficult to locate a contact. This example is for Auckland but im sure they have similar in most areas, so it worth taking the time to find your local one. 

Keep an eye for these things: 

Property age

electricity wires

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If you have recently moved into an old house, and the writing is more than 20 years old, there will be a lot going on on the walls. And it might not be an emergency yet – but it is worth calling asap to make sure you can have the wires carefully inspected. 

Humming and buzzing

If you notice that your electric box is making strange noises like a hum or a buzz, it is time to call the emergency electrician. The circuit breaker protects your poverty from electrical surges and other disasters; if it is damaged, you and your home are vulnerable. 

The moment you hear any noises from the breaker box, make a call. 


The vital function that your circuit break plays is to automatically shut off when it detects overload. If you notice that your switches are often tripping, this could mean there are surges or other complications. An electrician will be able to check out the issue and let you know if it is serious or not. 

Sometimes if you plug too many items into one room, you might notice that the switch trips – or if too many appliances are on at the same time. This is well worth calling an electrician for and perhaps planning how to make the electrics in the home more beneficial for you. 


If some rooms in your house seem to have flickering lights, lights that don’t seem to hold steady and flicker instead, this can be a huge issue. Over time any wiring in your home will deteriorate or be gnawed at by pests. Either way, an electrician can take a look and make sure that the wiring is safe for you and your family. 

It is worth keeping in mind that with old systems when you plug in heavy electrical usage items, they might cause a moment of flickering – in which case you should still get them checked out. 


Ignoring a burning smell coming from the sockets when they are in use, any discolouration or slight malted appearance can have dire consequences. The smell is the socket overheating, and if you get that smell, unplug anything that is in it and call an emergency electrician immediately. 

You might also notice sparks when you plug in an appliance, and that can also be a sign that there is an overload, fault or that it is not installed correctly. 

Electrical fires are catastrophic and rip through homes at speed, so if you smell anything like that, don’t ignore it because it can save lives. 

When you put off calling emergency electricians and plumbers, you run the risk of needing a much bigger repair. It is much more cost-effective to have regular maintenance than to have the costs of repairs: The 10 Most Expensive Home Repairs.

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